Tuesday Tales: From a Picture

Badge for TT - very small (1)Good morning. Welcome back to Tuesday Tales. Each week, a group of authors share something with you from the work in progress, using a word or a picture as a clue. Picture prompts are limited to a maximum of 300 words. For the last little while, I’ve been sharing from my contemporary romance, Wedding Bell Blues, but this week’s picture sent me off to another wip. Prove It is a YA suspense novel.

Here’s the picture prompt. road for TT

And here’s this week’s Tuesday Tale:

Liam was less than a hundred yards from his own driveway when the bright LED lights of an approaching vehicle blinded him. There weren’t many of the newer trucks or SUVs in the area, and given the height of the lights, it had to be one of those. Blinking rapidly since the beams pierced his eyes with their intensity, he slowed his pace and relaxed. Despite the mist, there was no way the driver could miss him—his jacket had to be lit up like a Christmas tree.

The lights vanished as the vehicle disappeared into a trough on the hilly section of the road. Lost in the music, Liam was startled when the lights appeared again, moving toward him faster than they should be. His inner sense of preservation warned him, and after yanking the earbuds out, he inched closer to the side of the road, but the dark pick-up increased its speed. Liam sucked in a breath, surprised by how cold he suddenly felt. The tension in his gut increased. Terror filled him as that note came back to him. Who knew he’d be running this morning? Everyone. As Erik had reminded him, his routine was well-known.

Tamping down his panic, Liam stopped running and stood as far to the edge of the road as he dared. Unless the driver were under duress and had lost control of his vehicle, which was unlikely given the road conditions, whoever was behind that wheel was aiming right for him. If this was some crazy game of chicken, he wasn’t interested in playing. And if that’s what this was, then the jacket his mother had thought would protect him had just made him a target—a great big, neon orange bullseye.

Hope you enjoyed this snippet. Look for more of Prove It come the fall!

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