Midweek Tease: Desert Deception, a WIP

MWTease15Good morning. Today, I’m giving you a glimpse of my latest work in progress. Desert Deception is a super-edited version of Coming Home, a book released in 2013, when I was part of the Misty Matthews co-writing team. When Misty and I ended our collaboration, we pulled our work out of circulation and divided what we’d written between us, giving all rights to whichever book we’d chosen. I selected Coming Home, the story of a girl who returned home after a ten year absence only to fall in love.

What I’ve done is take the bare bones of the story and rewrite it into my specialty. romantic suspense. It’s my hope to have Desert Deception for sale come September.

Here is this week’s tease:

Piling her discarded leathers on top of his, he leaned against them and pulled her into and slightly onto him, so she could rest her head against his shoulder. She fit him, and it felt right to him. They belonged together—even if it was only for a little while. Her breathing was still ragged, and he knew it wouldn’t take much to send them both tumbling into oblivion again. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to stop the next time.

“I brought a book, and I thought I’d read to you,” he said huskily, trying to ignore the softness of her body molded to his—the peak of her breasts hard nubs against his chest.

“You’re going to read to me?” Her voice was shaky and surprised.

“Yeah, I thought you’d like that. Was I wrong?”

She shook her head. “No. I love being read to. What did you bring?” she asked snuggling into him. Her body trembled slightly, and he pulled the blanket over her.

“JT Coleson’s latest book. You haven’t started it yet, have you?”

“Good choice. No, I haven’t had much time for anything but Dr. Seuss,” she said and chuckled softly. “He’s Jaxon’s favorite author.”

Cole laughed. “I understand. I love him too, but don’t tell anyone.” He opened the book and stroked her silky hair as he read, stopping only to turn the pages. Before he’d finished chapter one, he heard her soft snores.

So much for his engrossing prose.

Closing the book softly, he stretched his arm behind his head making himself comfortable, listening to Casey’s soft breathing, and watching the meteorites fill the sky again, savoring the moment. He’d never felt so contented. Letting his fingers run through her soft, wavy hair, he sighed and closed his eyes… If this wasn’t a perfect moment, it was damn close.

A sound that didn’t belong in the night time desert startled him. The roar of engines, those belonging to heavy machinery, drifted on the breeze. Clicking off the lantern, he looked toward the sound, amazed to see lights dancing on the horizon. Number Six and Seven, both abandoned and closed, were out that way. Carl would’ve told him if Mrs. Skansen had decided to open either of those mines, and if she hadn’t opened them, then whoever was out there was mining illegally. He thought of Leon Walker. Maybe the old man hadn’t been the only one interested in finding gold, and if someone else was out there, the old man might not have fallen after all. He hoped whoever was out there was too busy to notice their light.

The loud cry of a mountain lion celebrating its kill, one that was probably too close for comfort, reminded him that they weren’t in the safest place. Turning on the flashlight rather than the lantern, he reluctantly roused Casey. The desert could be dangerous on any night, but thanks to those sounds, tonight those dangers were multiplied.

“Wake up, Sleeping Beauty. If I let you rest any longer, you’ll miss curfew. I’m hoping for a second date.”

She smiled sleepily and sat up. “Sorry for falling asleep on you like that. Please don’t mention it to JT. It wasn’t the story. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. I had to burn the midnight oil at work to get this time off, and I guess I was just so relaxed and comfortable…”

“I’ll take that as a compliment. Let’s get this picked up and head back into town.”

The crack of a rifle sounded, making her jump. “What was that?”

“Probably just a poacher out after deer,” he lied. It was most likely someone after that mountain lion. He prayed the man’s bullet had found its target. Dead, they were all safe, but a wounded animal roaming so near the town would be disastrous.

“Is he close to us?” the nervous tremor in his voice convinced him she didn’t need the truth.

“No, that shot was miles away. Sound really carries in the desert.”

“Well, it sounded really close.”

It was well after eleven when they returned to town and pulled up in front of his place. He’d offered to escort her to her mother’s, but she’d declined. Two motorcycles pulling into the driveway might wake Jaxon was her reason, and since he didn’t know enough about the sleeping habits of four year olds, he let it go.

She stood by her bike, and he moved to gather her into his arms. “You want to come in for a bit. Maybe have something a little stronger than coffee, or pick up where we ended off earlier.”

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