What Is This World Coming To?

Good morning. Before I start, I need to say that I know many people will disagree with my opinions this morning, but St Lawrence and USAI’m ranting because I’m wondering if the world has all gone mad. The level of violence continues to escalate, and it shows no sign of abating. People, including children, are dying at the hands of insane killers, not only in France and Germany, but right here in Calgary, Alberta. Police officers are being ambushed and killed in the United States, and the racial tension there reminds me of the way it was back in the sixties. Two songs come to mind, Elvis’s In the Ghetto, and Lightfoot’s Black Day in July, sung here by The Tragically Hip.

Growing up in a small city in Canada, the whole situation made no sense to me, but as I said, I was and still am naive about these things. In the same way, I don’t understand people whose sole purpose in life is killing and destroying others who don’t live, dress, and believe the way they do, people who can justify murdering a woman because she supposedly impinged the family honour by speaking her opinion. Maybe some learned behaviours and hatred go too deep to be unlearned, but this has to stop before we destroy ourselves.

Maybe it’s this frustration with the world as it is that made this video the one that broke this camel’s back. What is it with people that they would ever think doing something like this was okay? While I’m not a dog lover, I’ve seen the pictures of tortured, starved dogs, as well as those who were used in dog fighting, that have disgusted me, and I believe the punishment for inflicting pain on an innocent animal should be far more severe than it is, but what this stupid woman does is just too much. Even if this video is staged, meant as a joke in someone’s warped mind, it’s wrong, but if it isn’t, then this woman is very, very sick!

If the video won’t open for you, try opening it on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/susanne.l.matthews/posts/10153889548063981

My response to this was that there should be a special place in Hell for people like these.

I showed this to my grandchildren for two reasons–the first so they’d realize it was a terrible thing to do, which they all did, and the second to remind them that someone is always watching you. I pointed out she knew she was going to do something wrong and they said yes, she was looking around to see if anyone was watching her. Kids learn by example. Even bad things can be used to teach good behaviour. I hope whoever was filming this rescued that animal. I also hope since the video has gone viral as they say, that the woman in question will be identified and gets lambasted the way the dentist who killed that lion did. Cruelty to animals is what grows into cruelty towards people. In my research, I’ve see the comment over and over again. Sociopaths often start their infamous career torturing defenseless animals and move up from there.

So, rant over.


2 thoughts on “What Is This World Coming To?

  1. Very well said, Susanne. Thought the video won’t play on your blog, I’m sure which one you’re referring to. The woman stuffing a cat into a garbage can. I hope who ever posted it didn’t remove it, because that would cause all shares to go away too. I’m sure she is scared by now. Pretty scared as she should be.

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