Tuesday Tales: From a Picture

Badge for TT - very small (1)Good morning. Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Tales. As you know, once a month, we use a photograph as the inspiration for our posts. This week, the choices revolved around some of the most beautiful sunsets that I’ve ever seen. I chose one that fit beautifully into Wedding Bell Blues, my current wip. To make it work, I have to jump a couple of chapters, but I don’t want to leave you hanging. So, long story short, Paul has convinced MJ to pretend to be his fiancee in an effort to both give her the vacation of a lifetime she’s paid for and find a way to get Mark to incriminate himself for fraud. This idea of ruining the bully’s plans appeals to Paul possibly more than it should. They’ve just finished speaking with Mama on the phone, apprizing her of their engagement, which poor Mama believes is real, and Paul’s been forced to accept that he might have to follow through to protect MJ’s reputation and placate Mama–an idea he finds not entirely distasteful. Besides, it would be in name only, with an annulment down the line. What could possibly go wrong?

Here’s this week’s tease. 

TT sunset

Paul stood on the deck admiring the sunset. Sipping the scotch in his glass, he watched the gilded ball, suspended midway on the horizon, turn the water into molten gold.

Mama’s insistence that they marry at Thanksgiving had come as a shock, and the stunned look on MJ’s face had forced the “of course, Mama, that sounds great,” out of his mouth before he’d had time to realize it.

That had been an hour ago. With a grapevine that moved at light speed, by now everyone in Stilton knew MJ had been saved from spinsterhood by her first love. He wasn’t sure where Mama had gotten that idea, but it had worked in their favor.

Paul felt like a heel deceiving Mama this way, but the world needed to know what an asshole the Achilles Heel was. If there was to be a wedding in November, so be it. He’d deal with the consequences when he had to. Mama would be disappointed when those babies she wanted failed to arrive, but that would make ending things that much easier.

It had taken him a while to calm MJ, but once she pulled herself together, she contacted Carla. They’d spent the next half hour going over their story, the way good undercover operatives did, and filling in the gaps in their story as Carla identified them.

The patio door slid open. Dressed in the colors of the sunset, MJ smiled at him nervously.

“Will I do?” she asked, chewing on her lip again.

He swallowed the sudden desire flooding him and moved behind the chair, hoping she hadn’t noticed his response to her.

What the hell was I thinking? There’s no way I’ll survive the next hours let alone ten days.

“You look great, kid,” he answered, hoping the nickname would help. It didn’t.

Hope you enjoyed this jump ahead in the story, but believe me, the fun is just starting! I’m off camping in the wilderness for the next two weeks. I’ll be back on July 12th and I promise to pick up right here. Hope you’re having a great summer.

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