Midweek Tease: More from Just For the Weekend

Welcome to MWTease15this week’s Midweek tease. Monday marked the release day of a new bundle of books from Crimson Romance. Wedding Season consists of 10 novels with a common theme. Just For the Weekend is one of those.  Can you imagine waking up married?

Here’s this week’s tease.

Cleo sat up quickly, moaned, and fell back onto the bed. Her head was spinning, and it wasn’t a pleasant sensation. She closed her eyes and forced her mind to focus. What exactly had happened last night? She concentrated so hard it hurt.

She vaguely remembered getting dressed and going out for something to eat. They’d taken the limo. It had been almost midnight, and there had been people everywhere.  Sam had insisted they celebrate the rescue as well as the beginning of their relationship. They’d had more champagne … He’d talked about getting together with Liz, Jane, and Charlie, but it had only been the booze talking. After this weekend, he’d be off to Wales and back on stage in August. He’d ring another woman’s bells, and she’d live the rest of her life on memories of what might have been but couldn’t be.

Wedding Season coverThey’d made no promises to see one another, at least none that she remembered, but why would they? They still had tonight. She focused her mind on last night once more. They’d gone down to the Strip and moved from one casino to the next. Memories of a large video screen and fireworks flittered through her mind, and she recalled dancing in the street. Images of brightly lit casino floors and ringing bells warred in her mind with others of fancy beverages in glasses of all shapes and colors. What the hell did she drink last night? She sat up again and gripped the bed for support.

Whoa! Take it easy. If the planet will just stop spinning a second, I’ll be fine. 

She stood gingerly and walked to the bathroom. She washed her puffy face—too much alcohol, not enough sleep—took two acetaminophen tablets she found there, and then returned to the bedroom. Her stomach roiled.

So this is a hangover. Not good.

She wrapped herself in one of the bathrobes she found on the floor at the foot of the bed and padded out to the living room for some water. She stopped dead as the scent and color hit her. Given the precarious state of her stomach, the aroma of what must surely be a hundred roses nauseated her.

The room was filled with blooms in every imaginable color. Why in the world would Sam send so many? She blinked her eyes and saw a card on the table. She reached for it and opened it.

Good morning, Mrs. Mason.

I hope the headache isn’t too bad. I have business to attend to, but I’ll be back by two. Think about where you’d like to go for our honeymoon. I have a couple of suggestions.

Love, Sam

Her heart pounded wildly. Her breath caught in her throat, and she felt as if the world had stopped spinning and reversed itself. For a brief moment, she was elated.

Mrs. Mason? 

The wonder of it thrilled her. The handwriting on the card was definitely his. It was bold and large, an extension of the man himself. She plopped into the nearest chair and stared at the note in her hand, awed by what the words implied.

She looked around the room, trying to find something to kick start her brain. Further along the table was a picture of the two of them standing in front of a pair of white and gold wedding bells. Instant Bliss Chapel was emblazoned in gold under the picture along with the names Sam and Cleo Mason, and the date. She stared at the number. July fifth. She’d been married earlier today. You’d think she’d remember her own wedding. That wasn’t something a girl was supposed to forget.

She scrutinized the photograph. She and Sam were smiling, arms wrapped around each other, their left hands clasped in front of them. She wore her white eyelet dress, the silver and turquoise jewelry Sam had bought her at the Skywalk, and on her wild hair sat what was definitely a small veil. She held three red silk roses in her hand—the same three roses sitting on the table beside the photograph. Her eyes were a little glazed, but she looked deliriously happy as did Sam beside her. In fact, he had a smug, sappy, satisfied look on his face as if he’d just gotten exactly what he’d wanted. She’d seen the look on the faces of too many five-year-olds not to recognize it.

Cleo gazed at her left hand holding his in the photograph and then examined her hand. The gold band in the picture decorated her left ring finger. She shook her aching, throbbing head from side to side. She didn’t feel like a new bride. She felt confused and sick—suddenly, deathly ill. The implications of what she was seeing roared into her mind like a freight train out of control.

Oh God. What have I done? I’ve married a man I’ve known less than forty-eight hours.  I’ve married a male stripper! How the hell am I going to tell Dad? This can’t be real.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s tease.

Want to read more? Here’s the Amazon link. https://www.amazon.com/Wedding-Season-10-Nuptial-Novels-ebook/dp/B01HH2TGN0/

I won’t be back next week. I’m going camping for a few days, but I’ll see you all on July 13th. Hope you’re having a great summer!

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Look Who Dropped By Today: Melinda De Ross

One of my favorite authors has popped in to promote her newest book,  The Job Blower. THE JOB BLOWER

I’m halfway through this novel and I’m enjoying Camilla’s antics. She really is the Queen of Disaster. If it can possibly go wrong, it does, and in the most humiliating way. Without a doubt, this is …


Camilla Jackson is an ordinary young woman with an extraordinary knack for attracting disaster. When she is fired from her job as a secretary at a law firm, she realizes she has no idea what she wants to do next. Every job she does land ends up tragi-comically.

But when she meets the drop-dead-gorgeous journalist, Carter Evans, her life seems to brighten. Until she discovers that he hides some very deep and painful scars.

It remains to be seen if she will be able to help him heal and, in the process, find her own path in life. That is, if she manages to overcome her accident prone nature, which gets her into serious trouble…

THE JOB BLOWER is a lighthearted, laugh-out-loud Romantic Comedy, the kind of book that you will keep in your bookshelf and reread to brighten your days and spice up your nights.

Amazon.com: goo.gl/Bf0eyB 

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/643432

Barnes&Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-job-blower-melinda-de-ross/1123905598?ean=9781523210992

and mostly everywhere books are sold online.

teaserHere’s an excerpt. I laughed so hard, I almost wet myself.

I stopped by the supermarket and bought half a gallon of ice cream, three boxes of chocolates and a few other similar items any girl needs during a crisis. I’d just paid for my purchases when I realized I needed to pee quite urgently. I grabbed my bags and headed toward the ladies’ room. No one was about, but when I opened the door to a stall, I was confronted by the naked hairy ass of a man. I nearly dropped my bags in my indignation.

“Get out, you asshole! This is for women,” I shouted.

“So is this,” he said, turning around with his penis in his hand. I couldn’t help but stare for a moment, repulsed yet fascinated by the tiny appendage protruding from an impressive forest of pubic hair.

“Put that thing away and get out of here,” I shrieked, noticing from the corner of my eye that two other women had stepped into the room and were chattering loudly. They couldn’t see the guy, but I heard their intakes of breath when the guy asked me, “Wanna touch it?”

I pointed toward the door.


“No, no. Right here, so everyone can see,” the pervert said, still holding his wanger and wiggling it at me.

“Jesus!” I heard one of the women echoing my thoughts aloud as she inched closer to see what was going on. “Martha, call security!” she told her friend in a high, snooty voice. “Tell them there’s a naked man in the women’s restroom.”

The other woman took a peek at the exhibitionist, then clamped a hand over her eyes with a gasp and ran toward the door. I rolled my eyes in disgust and followed her. There weren’t many shocking things in Jersey, and I was really hard to shock.

Love this one, Melinda. Best of luck with it!



European Vacation My Way: Visiting a Palce in Copenhagen


Happy Monday! Today, I’m going to take tour on a tour of one of Copenhagen’s palaces. After our delicious lunch at The Dubliner, we stopped to watch a Finnish street performer entertain us. The juggler did an excellent job.

postcardWe walked back through the main square to  the Christiansborg Palace, located on the island of Slotsholmen. This is a postcard picture of the palace. Our Copenhagen Card granted us free access to any and all tours we chose to take.

While the Queen doesn’t live here, many of the rooms are used for a number of different functions by the Royal Family. The Royal Reception Rooms include The Tower Room and The Oval Throne Room where Her Majesty receives foreign ambassadors to Denmark. It is from this palace’s balcony off the Throne Room that the new Danish monarchs are named following the death of the old one. Among the palaces other uses, the palace is home to the Danish Parliament Folketinget, the Danish Supreme Court, and the Ministry of State. 20160516_143142

The Christiansborg Palace is HUGE. A visit may involve a number of different tours. One of these takes you underbasement visit the palace to view the ruins of previous palaces built in this place that succumbed to fire. While it’s interesting, it isn’t the place to be if you are claustrophobic. Here is a description taken from the official Visit Copenhagen Website.

“The biggest and oldest ruins under Christiansborg Palace is the remainings of the wall from Bishop Absalon’s Castle from the 11th century. The wall protected the Castle from pirates.

140181_Ruinerne_under_Christiansborg_PR_FotoBlue Tower – Leonora Christine’s prison

Another big ruin under the castle is the foundation of the infamous Blue Tower; the biggest tower in Copenhagen’s castle. Here, political prisoners and other criminals were held captive. The most famous prisoner was Christian IV’s favourite daughter, Leonora Christine. She was held captive for almost 22 years.

Rebuilt several times

After 1369, Copenhagen Castle was rebuilt on top of the remains of Absalon’s Castle. The space was tight in the new castle and the kings broke down the building and built new ones.

Christian IV wished to lay his mark on Copenhagen’s Castle. He added another floor to the Blue Tower with a flaunting copper spire.

At the end, the foundation could not bear the enormous and heavy castle and it was clear that it was in danger of collapsing at any time. Christian VI tore down the castle and built a whole new one – the first Christiansborg Castle, completed in 1745.

Revealed by accident

When casting the foundations for the new castle, workers struck upon the ruins of older buildings and the remnants of the initial wall. Experts were called in from the National Museum, and a close inspection revealed that the ruins dated back as far as 1167.

What they had come upon was Bishop Absalon’s Castle, once situated on a tiny island off the Merchants’ Harbour. Walking around this underground site, you will get an idea of how the castle was continually renewed and developed.”

After each terrible fire, the palace was rebuilt. According to the tour information, the common people ran into the burning building to save items from destruction, including tapestries and the royal throne.How’s that for dedication?

Another area you can choose to visit is the Royal Stable. Horses have been a part of the palace ever since it’s inauguration in 1740. Surprisingly, Gold carriagethe show grounds and stable wings escaped damage in the fires. At one point, there were 250 horses in the stable. Today there are 20of the beautiful white horses. These are used primarily to pull the magnificent Gold Carriage the Queen uses to go from her home in the Amalienborg palace to the official functions at the Christiansborg Castle. If you go into the Harness Museum, you’ll see the Gold carriage “from 1840 with 24karats gold leaf.” The are other carriages there –some dating back to  1778. There’s even a real horse–stuffed!

We concentrated our visit on the main palace. You begin your tour by putting OR style booties over your shoes so as not to mark or dirty the incredible wooden floors. Below is John, Mike, and Penny entering the main reception room that starts the self-guided tour. 20160516_143918

Denmark’s current Royal Family consists of  in the center, Queen Margrethe II, Royal Consort Prince Henrik, on the Queen’s right, Crown Prince Frederick and his wife Crown Princess Mary, and on the Queen’s left, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, his wife.20160516_143946

From the reception room we moved through various rooms open to the public. Most were stripped of furniture, but the wall-sized portraits and murals, not to mention the chandeliers and fancy construction work was incredible.

The formal dining room was one of the most imposing and impressive I’ve ever seen. The table gleamed. I’m not kidding–not a spec of dust to be seen. The Alexandra Hall is used for official dinners.

Another impressive room was the Great Hall with it’s incredible Queen’s tapestries depicting 1000 years of Danish history. These were presented to the Queen to mark her 50th birthday in 1990. There are 11 of them in all. Bjørn Nørgaard painted the full-size sketches from which the tapestries were woven. The tapestry series depicts 1000 years of Danish history.

The Prime Minister of Denmark also uses The Royal Reception Rooms in connection with state visits by foreign state leaders. Occasionally, tables are brought in for special functions. 20160516_144900



With that we ended our tour of the palace, exiting through the gift shop, of course. By now it was late afternoon and we headed to Tivoli Gardens to meet with others from our group.

Next time, I’ll take you there. See you in a couple of weeks. I’m going camping!



Tuesday Tales: From a Picture

Badge for TT - very small (1)Good morning. Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Tales. As you know, once a month, we use a photograph as the inspiration for our posts. This week, the choices revolved around some of the most beautiful sunsets that I’ve ever seen. I chose one that fit beautifully into Wedding Bell Blues, my current wip. To make it work, I have to jump a couple of chapters, but I don’t want to leave you hanging. So, long story short, Paul has convinced MJ to pretend to be his fiancee in an effort to both give her the vacation of a lifetime she’s paid for and find a way to get Mark to incriminate himself for fraud. This idea of ruining the bully’s plans appeals to Paul possibly more than it should. They’ve just finished speaking with Mama on the phone, apprizing her of their engagement, which poor Mama believes is real, and Paul’s been forced to accept that he might have to follow through to protect MJ’s reputation and placate Mama–an idea he finds not entirely distasteful. Besides, it would be in name only, with an annulment down the line. What could possibly go wrong?

Here’s this week’s tease. 

TT sunset

Paul stood on the deck admiring the sunset. Sipping the scotch in his glass, he watched the gilded ball, suspended midway on the horizon, turn the water into molten gold.

Mama’s insistence that they marry at Thanksgiving had come as a shock, and the stunned look on MJ’s face had forced the “of course, Mama, that sounds great,” out of his mouth before he’d had time to realize it.

That had been an hour ago. With a grapevine that moved at light speed, by now everyone in Stilton knew MJ had been saved from spinsterhood by her first love. He wasn’t sure where Mama had gotten that idea, but it had worked in their favor.

Paul felt like a heel deceiving Mama this way, but the world needed to know what an asshole the Achilles Heel was. If there was to be a wedding in November, so be it. He’d deal with the consequences when he had to. Mama would be disappointed when those babies she wanted failed to arrive, but that would make ending things that much easier.

It had taken him a while to calm MJ, but once she pulled herself together, she contacted Carla. They’d spent the next half hour going over their story, the way good undercover operatives did, and filling in the gaps in their story as Carla identified them.

The patio door slid open. Dressed in the colors of the sunset, MJ smiled at him nervously.

“Will I do?” she asked, chewing on her lip again.

He swallowed the sudden desire flooding him and moved behind the chair, hoping she hadn’t noticed his response to her.

What the hell was I thinking? There’s no way I’ll survive the next hours let alone ten days.

“You look great, kid,” he answered, hoping the nickname would help. It didn’t.

Hope you enjoyed this jump ahead in the story, but believe me, the fun is just starting! I’m off camping in the wilderness for the next two weeks. I’ll be back on July 12th and I promise to pick up right here. Hope you’re having a great summer.

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European Vacation My Way: Copenhagen, Day 3

Hotel.Welcome back to my vacation blog. As I said in an earlier post, May 14th and 15th blended together into the longest day, but come May 16th, I was back to normal, well as normal as I ever am. Our hotel, one of two Radisson Blu in Copenhagen provided us with a free, full breakfast and I mean full–bacon, eggs, ham, salmon, yogurt, fruit, omelets, you name it. Coffee was good and strong, too. Together with Mike and Penny, a Cornwall couple we know well, we set off to explore the downtown part of the city. Copenhagen is a gorgeous city filled with incredible architecture, but it also has a multitude of trees, green space and fountains. Intersections are large, but surprisingly silent. We learned later in the visit that it’s illegal to blow your horn unless there is imminent danger. Think of it–all that traffic and not one horn blowing. .

IMG_1760One thing I really need to mention was that, included with our trip, was a 48 hcphcard_runde_hjorner_adultv1our Copenhagen Card, which allowed us to take the transit and visit a number of museums and other places of interest free of charge. I’m sure the cost was built into the vacation package, but for us it was well worth it. We walked a block and took a short bus ride to the main station where we got out, not too far from the City Hall pictured above,  and walked toward the water, along cobblestone streets that are a lot harder to walk on than people think!spire 1 (2)

When I spoke about the spires, I deliberately left this one out. Right at one of the main intersections, you’ll find what I called the Brink Building. This young lady is a weather indicator. If the weather is good, she’s out on her bike–along with several thousand other Danes. In fact, you’ve got a better chance of being hit by a bicycle than a car. Sidewalks are divided for walkers and riders–with the rider side being much larger. It didn’t take us long to figure it out. On rainy days, she comes out with an umbrella. Kind of neat, don’t you think?

As we walked along the street, the thing that struck me the most was the juxtaposition of old and new. Copenhagen is a city in flux with lots of construction happening.IMG_1758

This unusual complex, which will house a mix of office space, stores, and apartments, sits directly across the street from the main gate to Tivoli Gardens, one of the world’s oldest amusement parks and botanical gardens in the world. IMG_1759

As we walked along, ever vigilant for the Kamikaze cyclists, we were surprised to see that most of the shops weren’t open. Wouldn’t you know it? My only full day in the city and it was a NationalIMG_1778 Holiday. The streets in this business sector were all but deserted at mid-morning. As we trudged along, we noticed the different buildings and stores. Narrow streets reminded me of Stockholm and Quebec City. The farther we walked, the more we saw signs of life appear. Several cafes with streetside seatingIMG_1775 areas were opening up for the day, while others stores were closed, secured behind the typical big-city steel gates. Too bad! I really wanted to visit the “Wunderwear” store!IMG_1777



This small snack  place was doing a steady business with danish pasty almost flying off the counters.  IMG_1779
As we walked along, I was reminded by more than one storefront that LEGO was developed in Denmark. My grandson would’ve loved the chance to play with some of these giant toys! Imagine royal guards four feet tall. It’s enough to make a sevenIMG_1783-year-old Lego fan drool.  AndIMG_1781 don’t even get me started on some of the other incredible constructions they had, which included a ten-foot dragon suspended from the ceiling. Sadly, because the store was closed, we couldn’t even get the free toy they were giving away. He’d have loved building that cute little bird or anyone of the sets below!

IMG_1768We continued walking along the street, admiring the various cafes and stores. IMG_1793Some cafes were hidden away in courtyards like this one. What a name–Royal Smushi Cafe! While others were getting ready for the lunch crowd.

IMG_1776  You have to admire the ingenuity of some owners–Fish and Kiss?  Le President Bistro? Do you see the blankets on the chairs? All the outdoor restaurants had them–and heaters–for their patrons’ comfort. What a neat idea!IMG_1787

As we moved along the street, still heading toward the water, we passed a subway station. From the clothes the native Copenhagen residents are wearing, you can see it was a cool morning. In the background a Chinese restaurant gets a makeover, something else we saw a lot of. Not only are there new buildings under construction, but the older buildings are constantly maintained and restored as necessary. I love the imperial lions on this office building’s small balcony.IMG_1771

While my hubby and I walked at least three times a week, nothing prepared us for walking on cobblestones for miles. In all honesty i can say when this holiday ended, I was and am in far better shape than I’ve been in years. Scandinavian people enjoy being outside and exercising–whether it’s walking or biking. Have a look at this parking lot! We saw dozens just like it. I’ve never seen so many bikes in my entire life! There are some there you can rent with a credit card. Sadly, my cycling days are over–let’s be truthful, they’ve been over for years! Bicycles


As we moved past the bikes, we watched street vendors setting up their stalls, tables, and trucks for lunch. Some had music blaring. The food smelled fantastic, but we had other plans! We were on our way to take a canal cruise.


The one thing I love to do is to be on the water, and canal/river cruises give you a new and unique perspective. Our Copenhagen cards covered the cost of the cruise which would’ve been about 16 USD. Below are a selection of images taken from the cruise.

There were several bridges under which we had to pass, some so narrow you could touch the side. The tour guide was constantly asking people to sit down. The Danish military ship’s claim to fame was that the last time it fired its guns, it did so accidentally at a series of warehouses on shore and set fire to them. OOPS! The cruise ship in the distance is the one we’d take the following day.

Well, that’s it for the morning of the 16th. When the cruise ended, we opted for lunch. It was cool and misty, so we chose to eat indoors at a busy little pub called The Dubliner. The food was fantastic. Out Scottish waitress did her best to make us feel at home. The beer was cold, the food delicious, but be warned–the portions are HUGE!. 20160516_124229

Next time, I’ll take you on a tour of one of Copenhagen’s many palaces before we go and visit Tivoli Garden. The day is young and it won’t get dark until almost midnight.

Midweek Tease: Just For The Weekend

MWTease15Good morning! Welcome back to the Midweek tease courtesy of Angelica Dawson. Today, I thought I’d dig into my backlist for your tease. Just for the Weekend is currently available from Amazon and other distributors. I will be writing a follow-up book based on some of the characters in this story come the fall.

I hope you enjoy today’s tease. 

Just for the Weekend cover.Sam stood to put their glasses aside, and Cleo reached for the red bag she’d brought with her. She rooted through it, pulled out a tube of sunscreen, and handed it to him. “Would you mind helping me reapply? You have to really rub it in; otherwise, it’ll stay white, and I’ll look like Casper.” She giggled nervously.

“I don’t think rubbing your shoulders will be a hardship for me.” He swallowed. Maybe that wasn’t the right word to use. 

He took the tube out of her hand and squeezed some of the thick, white cream into his palm, and rubbed his hands together to spread the cream evenly.

“Lift up your braid.”

She complied, her hand trembling slightly. He put one hand on each of her shoulders. Her skin felt warm beneath his palms, and she quivered slightly. He rubbed the cream in circles, and felt himself hardening. He thought of rubbing the rest of her body later and smothered a groan.

He eased his hands over each shoulder and across her exposed back, and realized that

Cleo not only blushed when she was embarrassed, her skin turned pink when she was aroused. From this angle, he could see her taut nipples jutting out. Unless you looked down on them, they’d be lost in the pattern of her top. He moved his hands to caress the skin above the front of her top as he had the back. The cream melted into her skin, and she moaned softly. He swallowed, aware of his own need as well as the fact Matt could open the cabin door at any moment.

“That should do for now.” His voice was husky, filled with desire. He was hard as a rock again. God, he hoped no one noticed.

Now please visit the rest of today’s teasers!

European Vacation My Way: Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish flagWelcome back to my travelogue, a way for me to share the wonders of this year’s vacation. For the next couple of posts, I’ll be talking about Copenhagen, Denmark, the first country we visited on our itinerary. The adventure started May 14th with a seemingly endless day–and the funny thing is, the day did go on forever!

Since the plane was 90 minutes late taking off from Toronto, despite traveling at close to 500 mph, we were almost 90 minutes late arriving in Copenhagen. Our tour director had made arrangements for us to take a bus tour of the city since we couldn’t check into the hotel, a Radisson Blu, before 3:30 pm.

I have to admit that the prospect of getting on a bus and driving around for a couple of hours didn’t seem too appealing after almost nine hours in a plane, but the tour guide was terrific, and we got on and off the bus several times. If you are going to visit a major city, I highly recommend bus tours. Not only will you gain valuable insight, you’ll be able to orient yours20160515_124628elf. While having your own vehicle can be more comfortable, it can also present difficulties–especially when you don’t know where you’re going!

Copenhagen is a city of contrasts. On our way into town from the airport, located several miles outside the city, I got my first glimpse of just how different it could be. To be honest, my mind envisioned something along the lines of Toronto or Montreal, but I was pleasantly surprised by the cosmopolitan cities modern structures 20160515_124642blended beautifully with its old world charm. The totem on the left was just sitting by itself in a field. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It looks like a giant dragonfly wi8th the stained-glass wings.

Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital city. In some ways, the city reminded me of Stockholm since it’s situated not on the mainland of Denmark, but on a series of coastal islands. I didn’t realize how close it was to Sweden. The islands of Zealand and20160515_131218 Amager are linked to Malmo in southern Sweden by the Öresund Bridge.

Once we entered the core of the city, we began to see the type of building I’d expected. Many, like this church, were made of red brick. Do you see the strange trees out front? Apparently, the branches are trimmed each fall so that the trees don’t get too large. There was a huge one in the main square that hadn’t been pruned. My photo didn’t turn out very well, but Mahlum captured the tree and Gråbrødretorv, one of the city’s interesting squares, beautifully. Note the colorful buildings–exactly what I’d hoped to see.


Image courtesy of By Mahlum – Own Work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2954662

The central district of the city known as Indre By, is home to 18th-century, rococo Frederiksstaden, where you’ll find four identical palaces that house the royal family. The Queen–Denmark like England has no king–lives in the Amalienborg Palace.  What was most interesting was the lack of overt security. We’d seen much the same thing in Stockholm when it came to the royal family, and it was apparent again in Oslo.

20160515_133249This palace is home to the princess and also houses guests when they visit. In addition, this palace houses the crown jewels. Note the columns on the right . That’s where you enter the palace square if you are driving.

Below, you’ll see the palace occupied by the Crown Prince. He remains in Copenhagen for the entire school year, retiring to the summer palace when school ends. Note the Danish flag on the roof that indicates the palace is occupied.

20160515_132131_001 This was the only palace where there were guards on duty. They marched back and forth a few times and then stood in front of what looked to me to be the trade entrance. LOL. Good thing it was cool. Those poor guys must really suffer on hot days.

20160515_134210Can you imagine the work involved in building three identical palaces? And look at the windows! Thank goodness I don’t have to wash them. I pity the person who does.


The square is dominated by a statue of Frederick of Denmark. The palace behind the statue is the one used by the Queen when she is in the city. This columned archway is one of the three pedestrian entrances to the courtyard.Queen Margrethe and her husband ,Royal Consort Prince Henrik, does not entertain foreign dignitaries officially here.  Since the city actually contains three palaces, one of which is called a castle, she has many venues from which to choose from, including her summer palace located in the countryside.20160515_133036

The Amalienborg Palaces are located just up a slight hill from the waterfront where the new Opera House is located. You can only see it’s roof from here. squareThe royal yacht is moored just to the left of the Opera House. Below, you see a view from the water.The two small buildings house the royal family and their guests as they wait to be taken to the vessel. Note the crown on the left one. Guess who waits here?IMG_1868


There were many interesting and varied buildings and churches in the city, which despite the fact that there is a huge underground renovation project going on, one which expands the subway system, was amazingly clean and well-maintained.


There are several fountains located throughout the city as well as churches and buildings with unique and interesting spires.

spire 1 (1) This image of of Nikolaj’s Church. Note all of the bundling while neighboring buildings get a facelift.

Church of Our Savior


This is the spire of Our Savior’s Church. If you’re feeling energetic, you’re welcome to climb all those stairs to the top! spire 2

The photo on the right shows the spire from the Danish Parliament. If you click on it, you’ll see a crown at its base.


dragon statue (2)

This spire is on the Old Stock Exchange building. The spire, three dragons with intertwined bodies represented Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

No visit to Copenhagen would be complete without a stop to see the Little Mermaid, made famous by Disney, but originally a much darker story written by Hans Christian Anderson.

Little Mermaid The poor thing has been broken and defaced more than once, but she’s repaired and displayed–without any fences to protect her. As we returned to the bus, it began to rain, so we opted to end the tour and head back to the hotel.



Loved this little cafe.


So, we went to the hotel. Funny story. We didn’t realize you have to insert your key card into a specific slot to activate the electricity in your room. Great way to prevent wasted use.

Completely exhausted, I crashed after dinner. Thus ended Day 2. The next day we would see the city on foot thanks to a Copenhagen Card, but more about that later!