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A to Z Challenge 2016: N for New Beginnings

NGood morning. I hope your weekend is shaping up to your liking. We’re expecting warmer temperatures and sunshine. Today’s letter is the letter N and I thought I’d talk about new beginnings. New beginnings imply starting over. Sometimes that can be a good thing, at other times, it can be a frightening experience as you travel down an unfamiliar path.

There are all kinds of new beginnings. My grandchildren had a new beginning this year when they changed schools, and when the new school is finished, they’ll be moving into the new building along with others. New beginning means new friends, but it also mean new risks.

For a lot of people, new beginning occur after loss. Today, I’d like to introduce you to novel that deals with new beginnings.



A Note from the Author, Vikki McCombie

As a Navy wife for many years, I know how hard it is to put fears at bay and go on with your life when your loved one is far from home. I want to thank all the military men and women who serve and protect our great country, along with their families who support and love them.

I spent over twenty years in Hampton Roads, Virginia and grew to love the area. I love the ocean and enjoyed its beauty almost every day as I traveled from Hampton to Virginia Beach where I worked. When this story came to me, I had to make Virginia Beach the setting.

What Nanci goes through in A New Beginning for Nanci is what countless military wives have faced since the creation of our nation. What I want to show in this story is that there is always a new beginning out there. We just have to go after it and not allow tragedy to keep us frozen in fear.

There are lessons learned in this love story. Nanci could have easily stayed locked in her grief instead of seeking God’s help. Both she and Daniel were brought up in faith-based homes, but they had drifted away. Fortunately for them, they chose to return to their childhood faith which helped them move forward into God’s light, depending on Him to guide them to a new beginning that will stand the test of time.

While this is definitely an inspirational romance, it does have a couple of scenes with minimal sensual touches and kissing. Nanci and Daniel have a strong physical attraction between them, so it is hard to resist, but never fear, they do not fully give in to temptation.

When grief pulls her life apart, will she seek a new beginning, or will fear keep her from finding a forever kind of love?

VikkiCover-draft5New Beginnings for Nanci

On the day Nanci discovers she’s going to have a baby, she receives the devastating news every Navy SEAL’s wife never wants to hear. Her husband’s death sends her into the depths of despair. As she struggles to accept, she’s grateful for the support from the officer assigned to her.

Will she turn to God letting Him show her the path to a new beginning, or will fear of loving and losing keep her locked in the past?

When Lt. Daniel Foster’s appointed to assist a SEAL’s widow, the last thing he expects is a woman who can break through the barricade guarding his heart. As he helps her with the aftermath, he offers her a shoulder to lean on, but would like to offer more.

Should he allow their friendship to blossom and trust God will show him lowering his defenses is the only way to love?

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After setting Tiger on the slate floor, Nanci checked her voice mail on the home phone, but still no call from Bryan. Of course, his mission was a secret, as usual. She had no idea what time zone he was in. It could be the middle of the night for him. After feeding the cat, she settled on the couch with the paperback she’d purchased earlier in the day. Tiger curled beside her, and she became engrossed in the book, especially the part concerning the first trimester of pregnancy.

The doorbell rang.

How odd.

She couldn’t imagine who it could be. Probably some kids selling something.

But a rush of anxiety flooded her system as icy prickles raced along her arms.

The doorbell rang again.

She laid her book down, went to the door, and used the peep hole to look out. Three men in Navy uniforms stood on her front porch.

Her heart caught in her throat.

Three men usually meant bad news, especially naval officers.

No, maybe they have the wrong house. Maybe they’re collecting money for some type of charity.

Anything but what it might mean.

Her body began to shake.

Her knees grew weak.

No, no! She would not allow those terrifying thoughts to enter her consciousness even for a moment.

Nonetheless, her hand trembled as she opened the door. Her voice shook as she said, “Hello. W-what can I d-do for you?”

The older officer removed his cover, tucking it under his arm. “Good afternoon, we’re here to see Mrs. Bryan Bowman.”

“I’m Mrs. Bowman. Please, c-come in.” Terror gripped her as she showed them into the living room.

Her mind screamed—Oh, God, please don’t let Bryan be hurt.

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Finally retired after more than 30 years as a teacher! Now, I get to spend my time gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, and writing. I finally completed the number one item in my bucket list and Crimson Romance published my first novel, Fire Angel, in April 2013. Since then I have published 24 manuscripts to date and don't plan to quit writing for a long time yet.

23 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge 2016: N for New Beginnings

  1. Being the mother of both a sailor and a US Marine, I think that this is one book that I would have a very hard time reading. Just reading the description made my eyes misty. As hard as it would be as a mother to go to the door to find the three uniformed informants, I know it would be horrifying as a wife. As a newly pregnant wife, just too much.

    I would love to be able to write books that brought out such emotions!

    Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

    1. It does certainly start out tragic, but Nanci is a strong woman and learns to deal with her grief and move on with her life. The book has a wonderful happy ending!

  2. We are experiencing our own new beginnings after the 2015 Valley Fire. Our house survived (all the backyard windows were broken from heat and our well was burned up, we lost 5 outbuildings, vehicles, our horse Missy, a corgi named Bella, our travel trailer, our tractors, horse trailer, equipment trailers, quads, all tools, and a chicken flock but our house is okay.) We have just replaced our barn, and will be replacing our garage and tractor barn in the near future.

    Today my husband and our three youngest were replacing our temporary front yard dog fencing.

    I’m visiting from the A to Z Challenge.

    Shelly @

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