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A to Z Challenge 2016: M is for Myth

MHappy Friday! Welcome to April 15. If you live in the United States, you had to file your 2015 taxes today, I believe. We Canadians have until the end of the month.Today belongs to the letter M and I’ve chosen to talk about myths.

Taking the quick way out, I’m citing from Wikipedia here.

Mythology can refer to the collected myths of a group of people—their collection of stories they tell to explain nature, history, and customs[1]—or to the study of such myths.[2]

As a collection of such explanatory stories, mythology is a vital feature of every culture. Many sources for myths have been proposed, ranging from personification of nature or personification of natural phenomena, to truthful or hyperbolic accounts of historical events to explanations of existing rituals. Although the term is complicated by its implicit condescension, mythologizing is not just an ancient or primitive practice, as shown by contemporary mythopoeia such as urban legends and the expansive fictional mythoi created by fantasy novels and comics. A culture’s collective mythology helps convey belonging, shared and religious experiences, behavioral models, and moral and practical lessons.

WOW! What a complicated way to expplain it. 

Essentially, I’ve always thought of myths as cultural stories to explain what could not be explained at the time. For example, every ancient culture has a creation myth that has nothing to do with the Big Bang Theory or evolution. In almsot every mythos, there is a great flood where most of himanity is destroyed. Why? Is there a universal coanciousness that alllows people to share common thoughts and ideas? Whatever the cause or the reason, myths have always fascinated me, and I’ll wager to say I doubt I’m the only one. Just think of today’s popular mythic heroes: Hercules and Thor to name two who come from different mythologies.

When I considered writing a paranormal novel, I didn’t want to get into urban myths of vampires, zombies, or werewolves. Instead, I like the idea of reincanations. I chose to use myths from Canada’s First Nations. In Echoes of the Past, I used a Mohawk myth involving a mysterious lake, which I’ve visited, and star-crossed lovers–my own Romeo and Juliet.

EchoesEbookFinalEchoes of the Past: The Blurb

Born Mohawk, raised white, forensic pathologist, Michelle Thomas is trapped between two worlds—this one and the spirit world where the ghosts of those who’ve drowned speak to her. Haunted by crippling nightmares of her own drowning death and erotic dreams of a phantom lover, she strives to make sense of her life. When two suspicious deaths occur at the Lake of the Mountain Resort, she’s sent to investigate. She’ll face the greatest challenge of her career when her past and her present collide. One of these men is her future, but which one—the rich and powerful Mayor Ron Davies, or Tony Steele, the hydrology professor who may be responsible for his students’ deaths? Charged by the spirits of her Mohawk ancestors to atone for her previous sins by protecting Lake of the Gods, can Michelle solve the murders, save the sacred waters, and fulfill her destiny?

The other book I’ve written uses a Sioux myth which I’ve adapted to my needs. The nice thing about being a writer and writing a book based on a myth is that you can adapt it.

HelloAgain-ebookHello Again: The Blurb

Can she lift the curse and find love again?


For Charley Winters love means loss and pain. She’s spent the last five years struggling with her grief. Existing, not living. Drawn to Saskatchewan, she isn’t prepared for life’s latests kick in the teeth. Behind schedule, she’s rescued from a vicious tornado by her dead husband’s double, a man who makes her feel things she hasn’t in years. Add to that a native myth, a shaman, a green-eyed wolf, and her husband’s ghost … Can she lift a millennia old curse and find joy and love again?

Hello Again hasn’t been published yet. It’s in a Kindle Scout Campaign awaiting enough interest and nominations to get a contract for publication. If you are interested in helping, you can go to the site, read the first pages and then nomiate it. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Myths are an important part of our heritage. I enjoy reading all kinds of myths. I hope you do, too.

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Finally retired after more than 30 years as a teacher! Now, I get to spend my time gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, and writing. I finally completed the number one item in my bucket list and Crimson Romance published my first novel, Fire Angel, in April 2013. Since then I have published 24 manuscripts to date and don't plan to quit writing for a long time yet.

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  1. I love the simple look of your blog, and the pattern you have as a background. Very nicely done!

    Visiting you back from the A to Z. Good luck in the challenge, and happy blogging!

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