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A to Z Challenge 2016: E is for Eloisia

EGood morning. This is shaping up to be an incredible blogging experience. I’ve read more than fifty blogs to date, and there are many more days to go. It’s my hope that I’ll manage to hit at 500 this year. I’ve even gone back to a few on subsequent or previous days because the topics interested me.

Today is day 5 of the challenge and belongs to the letter E. I decided I’d used it for a little shamelss self-promotion. As a romance suspense writer, my books appeal to readers of both genders, and I’m very happy with that. 12204621_1027354927286026_1232929330_nMy husband heartily supports my career as a writer, never complaining about being ignored for deadlines or late meals, so I decided I should write something he’d enjoy and want to read. As an accountant, he doesn’t have a lot of time to read, so something short was best, but I wanted something different, so I latched on to the idea of a serial. Since Star Trek is his all time favorite, I modeled my fan fiction after that, with a Captain Kirk-like hero. The other characters were  based on various different sci-fi programs that we both enjoyed. There’s a little bit of Babylon 5 mixed with Star Trek in my heroine, and when it comes to my engineer, think Firefly. See  who else you can identify by their similarities to other sci-fi characters.

EloisiaEpisodeThreeAllow me to introduce you to  Eloisia, a spaceship in a post-apocalytic world where Earth is no more and forces don’t want any of humanity to survive. So far, there are three episodes of Eloisia available: Stowaway, Secrets, and Sabotage.  All of the books are available from Amazon.

Here is the blurb from Episode One, Stowaway:

Earth is gone. Colonel James Striker, space marine and captain of the Intergalactic Peace Council’s Explorer class ship, Eloisia, must find a new planet for the six hundred people aboard his vessel. Sounds easy enough. The coordinates are plotted, and he and the ship’s crew and passengers go into cryogenic sleep for the duration of the thousand-month trip—but something goes wrong.
When Striker awakes, the ship’s computer has malfunctioned. The vessel is racing through space, and he and those in his care are lost in time and place. One third of the passengers and crew are dead, their cryo units damaged and more than half the ship, including Engineering, is without atmosphere. Chief Engineer Mags Magregor works to repair Alpha, the advanced android computer running the ship. The sooner they can figure out where they are, the better.
Episode One: Stowaway
Marines searching the cargo bays discover two stowaways. Darla Edison doesn’t understand how she came to be aboard the Eloisia, but the camoid telepath will do whatever it takes to protect herself and Patrick … And if that means exposing her talent to others, so be it.

Episode Two, Secrets:

When six bodies and unknown cargo are discovered in the ship’s farthest cargo bays, Striker, with few memories of the days before lift off fears he may be the one who sabotaged the ship. He asks Darla to scan his mind and find the truth. What she finds, secrets even she doesn’t understand, may lead to more dangers than either of them anticipated.

Episode Three, Sabotage:

The adventure continues. Aware of his hidden telepathic talent, Colonel Jim Striker is disturbed by the thoughts of all those around him. Adding to his discomfort is a strong sexual attraction to Darla, an itch he can’t scratch without repercussions.
Determined to find the traitors aboard his ship, Striker plans to slowly revive the passengers, but that plan fails when all the cryogenics tubes activate themselves, putting and additional drain on their already depleted power. Discovering their food cargo has been poisoned increases their danger—if the replicators fail, they’ll starve.
When Mags, his Chief Engineer charged with repairing the ship’s AI, informs him the Eloisia is armed with banned weapons capable of destroying all life on a planet in a matter of days, Striker is stunned. Someone is doing their best to alter the ship’s mission—why?

Hopefully, Episode Four will come out this fall. Have a great day. See you tomorrow.

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Finally retired after more than 30 years as a teacher! Now, I get to spend my time gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, and writing. I finally completed the number one item in my bucket list and Crimson Romance published my first novel, Fire Angel, in April 2013. Since then I have published 24 manuscripts to date and don't plan to quit writing for a long time yet.

12 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge 2016: E is for Eloisia

  1. what a lucky husband.
    have visited quite a few blogs too. the ones who want me to prove I am not a robot worry me- what if I cant work out the answer even tho I am not a robot ?
    zannie A-Z visitor

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Thought I would check you out. Congratulations on visiting so many blogs. With a two-year old running around all day I find my visiting this year is cut to nearly nothing.

  3. Thanks for popping by my blog and I’m popping over to say hello. I really should be keeping some kind of track of how many blogs I’m reading as I go but I seem to be on the run much of the time and my post about Roald Dahl yesterday, was incredibly full on. Am a bit concerned I’ve taken on a bit much but I think the workload is dropping back.
    My husband is incredibly patient with me and my daughter today asked if we could spend some time together so I need to watch myself. My kids will be on two weeks school holidays in the middle of the challenge so I’ll need to juggle that too. Want to spend that with them but don’t want to lose the momentum either.
    Looking forward to the rest of the challenge but not the end.
    xx Rowena

    1. I’ve done a few posts ahead if that helps. I’ve scheduled them, for the days I know I’ll have trouble doing them. Knowing which letter to work with helps. have fun with your family.

  4. Wow! This story sounds intense! Both my husband and I are big scifi show fans, especially of Star Trek. I love that you wanted to write something for him to read; I haven’t been brave enough to let my husband read any of my stories, lol. Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. 🙂


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