Throwback Thursday: 1952

Me age 2Remember the good old days? The ones where people said life was simpler?  They really weren’t. Take a few minutes to read  and see for yourself.

In 1952, I was two years old. For me life was probably good, but for millions of others around the world, not so much.  In the U.S., 3300 die of polio  57,000 children are paralyzed prior to the widespread use of Polio vaccine

Here are a few other headlines from Macrohistory and World History Timeline. (

Feb 6  Princess Elizabeth of York, 25, becomes Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and Ceylon.


Apr 28  The Allied occupation of Japan formally ends with a peace treaty signed in San Francisco.

May 4  While running for President of the United States, Senator Robert Taft suggests that the United States consider breaking diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union.

Jul 9  The Republicans are convening in Chicago. Senator Joe McCarthy tells a cheering audience that he will not soften his blows on Communist issues because “a rough fight is the only fight Communists can understand.”

Jul 11  In Chicago, Eisenhower (who detests Senator McCarthy) wins the Republican nomination for president.

Jul 23  France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands form the European Coal and Steel community, an organization that will develop into the European Union.

Jul 23  In Egypt, military men claim to dislike King Farouk’s corruption and Egypt’s failures against Israel. They drive King Farouk into exile in Europe, where he has much money in banks with which to continue living in style.


Aug 11  Jordan’s king, Talal bin Abdullah, is mentally ill. The army forces him to resign in favor of his 16-year-old son, Hussein.

Aug 12-25  In Korea the Chinese attack the 1st Marine division in a battle for a ridge called Bunker Hill.

Aug 29  The US bombs Pyongyang in a 1,403-sortie assault from aircraft carriers – the largest single-day air assault of the war. The bombings disturb Europeans, including Winston Churchill.

Sep 2  At the University of Minnesota the first open-heart surgery is performed.


Oct 16  In Iran the British face nationalization of oil they have controlled. Aware that the British are plotting to have him overthrown, Premier Mossadegh severs diplomatic relations.  The British have requested that the US join the plot against Mossadegh, viewed as a dangerous radical, but President Truman does not want the US to become involved.

Oct 20  In Kenya, the Kikuyu are unhappy about having been driven off much of their land, about their unemployment and lives of poverty in the city of Nairobi and other towns. They have rebelled – the Mau Mau Rebellion – and the British declare martial law.

Oct 25  In the United Nations, China’s admission is refused for the third successive year.


Dec 1  A front page story in the New York Daily News announces the transsexual operation in Denmark on a former US soldier who now goes by the name of Christine Jorgensen. Many in the US are shocked and dismayed.


Dec 23  In London, two weeks after five days “killer fog” at least 4,000 deaths have occurred. Thousands more who appear to have recovered will die from reoccurring complications.


Check out the site to see what happened in the world the year you were two. 


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