Throwback Thursday: 2005

If you ever Sue Matthewswonder what you look like from year to year, be a teacher. Every year they do school pictures for the yearbook, so you can see exactly how you look from one September to another. In my case, I get to play what color was my hair that year, too.

I guess there’s something to be said for not really aging or changing that much. Sadly, until a few months ago, that shirt was still in my closet. Maybe that’s the greater crime. I do still have the necklace though!

I’m currently working on a book where the heroine wears clothes from 35 years ago. The scary thing is I still have some of that in my closet, too. In the fashion industry, what goes around, comes around. Shirt lenghts rise, fall, and rise again. Pants get wider, get narrower, and wider once more. Eventually, everything will be back in style–even me!


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