Valentine’s Day Blog Tour

Welcome to this year’s Trans Canada RomanceTransCRW ValentineBlogTour2016 Writers Valentine Blog Hop.  It is a pleasure to be part of this year’s blog tour because it allows me to meet new people and allows those of you who follow my blog to meet new authors as well.

Will you be doing something special with a loved one this weekend or will you be one of the thousands of people who face the holiday alone?

In the past six months, I’ve been to five funerals, not really such a high number when you consider my age, but I realize that for the three spouses left behind–two were previously widowed–this is their first Valentine’s Day without the love of their lives. Holidays always make the loss of a loved one worse, and this holiday, the one reserved for couples, has to be the most painful holiday of all.

As I write this, I’m reminded that the pain of loneliness around this holiday starts early. In the lower grades, teachers send home the list of children’s names so each classmate gets valentines, but somehow there’s always someone with fewer cards than others, and once the ages rise, there are some who get very few if any valentines. The pain of peer rejection, such as it is, runs deep.

I’m reminded of the scene in Jim Carrey’s version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Was there anything sadder than the young grinch and the teasing and rejection he got wwhen he presented his valentine to Martha May Whovier, played by Christine Baranski? Or the pain he put himself through for her when he attempted to shave? Sometimes love hurts, and lost love hurts most.

In the last forty-four years, I’ve never spent a Valentine’s Day that wasn’t celebrated in some way–usually flowers and an expensive dinner– with my husband, the love of my life. This year, while I’m enjoying our meal, I’ll say a prayer of thanks that I’m not one of the many lonely this year and pray I never am.

Comment on this post for your chance to win an e-copy of my short story, There’s Always Tomorrow which appeared in last year’s Food of Love anthology.

This year’s stort, Forever and Always, is part of the Adventures in Love anthology from Solstice Publishing, available from Amazon

About Forever and Always:

All Brandi has ever known is ballet. From her earliest years, her time was spent honing her skills, vying to be the best, setting aside everything else that mattered in life to make it to the stage. Then, at the top of her career, she lost her dancing partner and her ability to dance to a drunk driver in an ice storm.

She’s strong, she’s tough, she’ll recover from this, but will she? She’s always lived for the dance. She is a ballerina, but once a dancer can’t dance, what’s left? Who’s left?

Finding herself won’t be easy and she may need help from others including the man she’s loved almost as long as she’s love the dance, but will she let them in?

Find this novella in:

Adventures in Love

From a western gal in pursuit of the local sheriff to a single mom running a cooking show with her small children, romance blossoms in many situations. These wonderful stories prove that love is for all ages.

A.A. Schenna, Alex Pilalis, Donna Alice Patton, EB Sullivan, Heidi Renee Mason, Johnny Gunn, Susan Lynn Solomon, Mark Newhouse, and Susanne Matthews delight romantics on this special holiday with their tales of love.

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Since it’s a special week, a time for lovers, I’m pleased to invite you to drop by and visit April Erwin’s Valentines Day Super Romance Giveaway which is active all of this week. Make sure you check it out. April has three wonderful prizes you can win.


10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Blog Tour

  1. Very nice and compassionate post. Yes it can be lonely on Valentine’s Day. Since I became a widow my amazing sister always sends me a funny Valentine each year and that helps. There are many kinds of love we can still share on this day.

  2. What a beautiful post, Susanne! I also feel for those who are alone on Valentine’s Day. While we don’t go crazy here at Valentine’s with gifts, I am very thankful to spend the day with my family. I’ll probably make my husband and daughter a special supper on Sunday.

  3. I love your post today. You are so right about loneliness. I wrote a piece about loneliness at Christmas a few years back, but people don’t always remember that other holidays can trigger deep feelings of emptiness and despair as well. Thanks for reminding me to reach out to others who may not be as fortunate as we are.

  4. So sad – the friends who are spending their first Valentines alone.
    I haven’t had a chance to read Secrets and Lies. I’m going to finish the book I’m writing at the moment – then I’ll read it.

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