Tuesday Tales: Pen

Good morning! Welcome to another edition of Tuesday tales.Today, I’m providing another snippet from Hello Again.

Charley waved at her hostess and pulled out of the driveway, heading back up Highway 47 to the Trans Canada. Despite everything, she’d enjoyed her stay in Estevan, grateful the woman had been able to let her stay two nights at the bed and breakfast instead of the one night she’d booked. The box lunch on the seat beside her was much appreciated. Thanks to Matilda’s latest issue, money was tighter than Charley had anticipated.

While Matilda’s interior was air conditioned, her poor old engine wasn’t, and the vehicle had kept overheating. She’d added more and more water and finally antifreeze to the rad, but it hadn’t really surprised her when the damn thing sprung a sizable leak. While she could keep stopping and topping up the fluid for a day, in this heat, it would’ve been a futile gesture. Heavy-hearted, giving in to the inevitable, she’d pulled into Estevan looking for a garage, praying she wouldn’t lose too much precious time.

Why hadn’t she looked at the rad more closely before starting out on this damn trip? She’d replaced the condenser and the water pump, why on earth had she overlooked the rad? Hours stuck in the middle of nowhere after that tractor-trailer had jackknifed just outside of Sault Ste Marie had cost her a day, and now this. She’d had to cancel two reservations and skip that extra night in Winnipeg, just to get back on schedule..

Thankfully, the local garage owner had been able to lay his hands on a used radiator, but it had taken him most of the day to replace hers. She’d hated sitting around doing nothing while he worked on her baby, but what could she do? She’d had a good look at his work when she’d used his pen to sign her name on the credit card receipt, a charge she could ill afford.

stormTraffic was light this morning as he moved quickly along the secondary road. Glancing east, she noted the black clouds on the horizon. They seemed to be moving fast–too fast– and she cringed. She hated storms, and those clouds promised a thunder boomer at the very least.

Damn! She’d hoped to make it to Saskatoon this morning, but that probably wasn’t going to happen. She needed to get off the road before the rain caught up with her. She shivered thinking of the footage she’d seen on last night’s news coverage. There’d been a series of killer tornadoes in the American Midwest. Hopefully, this storm front wasn’t part of that.

The road sign said Regina sixty kilometers.  She shook her head. “At this speed, Matilda, that’s forty minutes away. I don’t think we’re going to make it.”

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10 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales: Pen

  1. What an enjoyable read! I like that she named her car Matilda. My car is named Blaze, though he’s very mild mannered for such a dashing name. I’m looking forward to reading more. 🙂

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