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A to Z Challenge: W is for White–the color not the race!

a-to-z HEADER [2015] - aprilGood morning and welcome to the last four days of the A to Z Challenge for 2015. It’s been a great experience, and I’ve met some wonderful authors and bloggers along the way.Badage linkedThere’s a certain amount of sadness I find when you come near the end of something you’ve enjoyed, especially when I’m nearing the end of a book which is why writing the Harvester series is such a unique and wonderful experience for me. I’ve written books where characters make a return appearance, and, In Holiday Magic and The Perfect Choice, I wrote in the same time frame with the same four basic main characters, but with the POV changed in each one. I took that, one step farther in what I can now call my white flower series.

WToday, W is for White–the color not the race. Actually, as my seven year old granddaughter is quick to point out each time I say it, white isn’t a color, it’s all the colors together that make up light. Pretty smart cookie, right? She’s quick to point out that you can’t make white by mixing all the other colors together again though.

Colors have long since had not only a literal meaning but a figurative one.Look at roses for example. Yellow means friendship, red means love, and purple means mysterious, while white stands for purity and innocence. How many people remember the original Lone Ranger? On black and white television sets, he was dressed in white.–seriously how practical a color was that? If you’ve ever dressed a child in white and then gone anywhere, you know they get dirty in seconds–child HA! I can do it too. I learned long ago that I could handle white shirts, but I stay as far away as I can get from white pants.

The White CarnationWhite also represents good. We see angels in white and demons in black. I’d originally chosen different titles for my Harvester series, and it was my publisher who suggested  focusing on the symbolism in the first book and creating a unified series with it.

In book one, The White Carnation, currently available (Buy links are on my website ) the main character, Faye, receives a single white carnation roughly every three months from what she believes to be a secret admirer. The flowers, in a mini vase,and tied by a beautiful, lacy pastel rainbow-colored ribbon brighten what otherwise has been a miserable year. She’s lost her coveted job as a crime reporter and the man she thought to marry because someone, probably him, betrayed her. She believes the flowers may be from a shy coworker, so she doesn’t suspect  a stalker. Why would she? She’s nobody now. When she brings the latest flower to give to a friend and finds that friend dead, the spotless carnation falls from her hand and the blood stains the petals, an omen that things are about to change for the worse.

The White LilyWhile the hero, Rob, and the heroine Faye, get their happily ever after at the end of book one, the plot isn’t resolved. In book 2, two new main characters join the others in search of  the Harvester. Rob and Faye are still part of the story, but they are secondary characters. As a detective, Rob features more prominently than Faye, but it is her knowledge and expertise that Jacob needs to understand how New Horizon has changed. The White Lily follows BAU special agent Lilith Munroe in her search for the Harvester and a niece lost to her fifteen years ago when the child’s mother was part of a cult’s mass suicide. Now, considered an expert on cults, Lilith partners with Jacob Andrews, the Prophet’s nephew to bring him down before he can set his ultimate plan in motion.  Brought together by a vicious kidnapper-killer whose signature is a bouquet of flowers containing white lilies, tThe White Irishe couple must overcome their own personal demons as the search for a man who is evil personified. The White Lily will be available in October.

Jacob and Lilith will get a happy for now in book two that will become a happily ever after in book 3, The White Iris. But this time, they’ll be joined by another heroine who will help Trevor Clark, the hard working BAU team leader take down the man who’d kill millions in his delusional belief he’s doing what the Creator wants him to do.  All those touched by evil will get their just rewards as this book wraps up the series. The White Iris will be available in late December.

So there you have it: my white flower series.  W is for White, but in my books, it doesn’t stand for innocence.

Now, go to and check out more W blogs.



Finally retired after more than 30 years as a teacher! Now, I get to spend my time gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, and writing. I finally completed the number one item in my bucket list and Crimson Romance published my first novel, Fire Angel, in April 2013. Since then I have published 24 manuscripts to date and don't plan to quit writing for a long time yet.

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