The Food of Love: It’s NOT All About Me!

writerGood morning. Well, the sun is shining and it’s a balmy 10 F and according to the weather network, there’s a chance we may see the Northern Lights in this region between now and Tuesday. How cool would that be!

Now that the annual hoopla around Valentine’s Day has ended, we have a romantic trough to fill. St Patrick’s day is next, and it really isn’t usually associated with love and romance. Following that, we’ll have spring and weddings–you get the picture. Love will definitely be in the air.

This morning, I’d like to talk about a short story anthology released by Solstice at the beginning of February. The book, The Food of Love, is comprised of ten short stories by some of Solstice’s authors, including myself. The contributing authors are: Mya O’MalleyRocky RochfordSusanne MatthewsRachael StapletonElle MarlowVanayssa SomersMargaret EgrotCynthia LeyRebecca L. Frencl, and K.C. Sprayberry.

Food of LoveAbout the Book:

Food entices the senses just as love entices the soul. We take chances, we share new beginnings, in hopes of making that special someone part of our lives, now and forever. Solstice Publishing presents ten tales of love, each with a recipe our authors consider part of their love story. We hope they can be part of yours too.

The Way to a Man’s Heart, by Mya O’Malley involves a cooking class for singles and a set of twins who make one too many switches.
Him & Her, by Rocky Rochford is a ‘he said, she said’ about a shy boy’s first date with the girl of his dreams.
There’s Always Tomorrow, by me, Susanne Matthews, is a reunion story with a second chance at love for Iris, a former supermodel crippled in an accident.
Dinner in the Dark by Rachel Stapleton describes a sensory experience meal with a twist at the end you won’t see coming.
The Heart of Stone by Elle Marlow, written in her signature cowboy way is all about a chance meeting with a Good Samaritan and hope for the future.

Love, Food, and Heaven, by Vanessa Somers is a story of remembered love and the wonder of becoming your own person.
Chains of Magic by Margaret Ergot is a brilliant take on Shakespeare’s Othello, describing the first meeting between Desdemona and the Moor.
The Moon and The Daystar by Cynthia Ley is a sweet story of best friends who share a common love for the beauty of the day and art.
Wine and Magic, by Rebecca L. Frencl is  also a second chance at love for a couple brought back together by a mutual loss

New Future by K.C. Sprayberry is another “he said, she said” story, but this time the characters are twins, trying to get on with their lives after a shattering experience, hoping to find love and happiness.

All of the stories are fresh and unique. The recipes are delicious. This is a wonderful way to get to meet these authors and sample a taste of their writing style. I feel privileged to have been allowed to participate in this.

The Food of Love is available from Amazon.

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