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Mid Week Tease: There’s Always Tomorrow from The Food of Love

MWTease15Well, I did it again! Somehow I forgot to sign up once more for the mid week blog hop. I usually do it when I read the entries, but I had so much on my mind last week, I forgot. I signed a 3-book contract for my latest suspense series, the Harvester. Book one is due out in April. Not much sex, but lots of thrills and chills in a romance suspense series that includes cults, kidnapping and murder.

So. as i did last week, I’ll beg forgiveness and send you off to read the other hot teases–the ones from the smart people who didn’t forget!

Thanks to the lovely Sandra Bunino, I’ve participated in the for almost a year now, and while I may not always comment on the stories, I do find them interesting and more than a little hot! I wish I could write that way, lol, but my imagination is far more grounded than that.

Today, I have a snippet from my latest release. Here’s the link and the blurb.

The Food of Love,

This book is an anthology released by Solstice Publishing just in time for Valentine’s Day. Food entices the senses just as love entices the soul. We take chances, we share new beginnings, in hopes of making that special someone part of our lives, now and forever. Solstice Publishing presents ten tales of love, each with a recipe our authors consider part of their love story. We hope they can be part of yours too. The contributing authors are: Mya O’MalleyRocky RochfordSusanne MatthewsRachael StapletonElle MarlowVanayssa SomersMargaret EgrotCynthia LeyRebecca L. Frencl, and K.C. Sprayberry.

There’s Always Tomorrow, my story, is a tale of hope and faith. Can you imagine how you’d feel if you lost everything in seconds? Rose, once a highly successful model married to a powerful man, lost it all to a drunk driver. Thanks to plastic surgery, the scars on her face are minimal, but the death of her husband and the braces on her legs have turned her into a recluse. How can a frightened, solitary woman find love?

Food of LoveHere’s your tease:

Dressed in a strapless, black, silk gown that fell loosely from her bust hiding the orthopedic shoes and the metal braces she wore on her legs, Iris waited for Pete to pull out the chair so she could sit. She’d made it from the entrance to the table using her brother-in-law’s arm rather than her walker, and now, she stood with a death grip on the edge of the white, linen-covered table, hoping her legs would hold her up just a few moments longer.

She could feel the eyes of the curious boring into her back. Did they recall Fleur, the former face of Avalon Cosmetics, or did they see remnants of shy, little Iris Taylor, the girl who’d been afraid of her own shadow? Why had she ever let her sisters convince her to leave her sanctuary and attend this dinner?

As if I really had a choice. They’d have dragged me here kicking and screaming tonight if I’d refused. One night. I can do this for one night.

“Relax, Iris,” Lily said settling into the chair one over from hers and reaching over to pat her hand reassuringly. “Smile. You look fine. The plastic surgeon did an excellent job. If anything’s going to make people look at you twice, it’s that ‘deer in the headlights’ look on your face. These people are friends and family. No one’s going to say or do anything to hurt you.”

“I just feel as if they’re all gawking at me…”

“No, they aren’t. Look around. Everyone is busy greeting one another. They may have glanced up when we entered, but I’m sure my whale-like proportions garnered more interest than you did. That didn’t come out right.” She shook her head and smiled. “Of course they noticed you. You’re just as stunning as you always were, way too thin, but once you start getting out and eating more…Thanks, honey,” she added to her husband as he pushed her chair in as close to the table as her pregnant belly would allow.

Pete turned to help her. “Thanks,” Iris said, settling onto the chair and praying she could get through the meal and the rest of the evening without having to make a trip to the ladies’ room. The thought of having to ask for an escort was enough to ensure her bowels and bladder took a six hour break.

“Would you care for a cocktail?” the waiter asked.

“I’d like a glass of wine, but club soda with lime will have to do,” Lily answered.

“The same for me, please,” Iris said softly.

“Hey, I’m the one on the wagon thanks to the twins.” Lily said rubbing her stomach.

“I’m fine. I’ll have something with dinner,” she fibbed. She’d love a glass of wine, a little liquid courage to help her through this, but didn’t dare indulge herself. What if the wine affected her balance? She was like Bambi on ice as it was, and the more tired she got, the worse it would

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Finally retired after more than 30 years as a teacher! Now, I get to spend my time gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, and writing. I finally completed the number one item in my bucket list and Crimson Romance published my first novel, Fire Angel, in April 2013. Since then I have published 24 manuscripts to date and don't plan to quit writing for a long time yet.

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