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Look Who Dropped By Today: Lauren Pilla

6a90f-blog_tour_badge_85_x_55Another beautiful, cold but sunny winter morning. It might keep me indoors, but at least I don’t have to shovel!

Today’s SCP author guest is Lauren Pilla. It’s always a pleasure to have an old friend back with a new release. I adored  A SIREN’S REVENGE and I’m looking forward to reading A SIREN’S ROMANCE its sequel.

 ASirensRomance_fullresAbout A Siren’s Romance

All Annabelle desired in life was her Prince Charming and a fairytale ending. So when she felt the presence of her soul-mate, she was more than ready to meet him and have her happily ever after. However, the first meeting with her one and only proved to be extremely disappointing.
Aaron, the angry immortal, didn’t want a relationship let alone a soul-mate. He’d been down that road before and wished never to repeat it. His duty to protect as many supernaturals as he could was his first and only priority.

After Aaron heard a group of people went missing, Annabelle offered her help. Aaron reluctantly accepted. However, the more they worked together to find the missing people, the more Aaron fell in love with her. Just when he thought he’d be able to completely give his heart, the true intended victims were revealed. Was he doomed to repeat his history?


With incredible speed and strength he quickly planted his feet on the ground, and walked toward the dress shop. Being immortal had its perks, sometimes. Aaron dressed in all black, complete with black sunglasses. A sheath was strapped across his back to carry the sword of Harpe.

He moved lightning quick across the street, but no one seemed to notice a six-foot-six muscled man with a sword. Once inside the dress shop, he stood paralyzed. It was literally a whole store of dresses. “This is ridiculous,” he muttered. Where the people outside were oblivious to him, inside a few women raced toward him. He tensed.

“Are you here with someone, sir?” one woman asked.

“You can’t see the bride in her dress,” the other said.

He relaxed his fighting stance giving the ladies a quizzical look.

“If I can’t see her in the dress, why wear it?”

“It’s tradition, sir. Now are you here with your bride?”

How to answer that one?

Ignoring the nuisances, he headed toward where he felt Annabelle. As both women began to follow after him, he quickly turned around and growled. Immediately, they stopped in their tracks and shrank away. Thank the gods. Finally at the back of the store, he easily crept in the dressing area undetected, quickly jimmied the lock to Annabelle’s dressing room, and slipped in.

Aaron stood behind her in the corner of the rather large dressing room. He leaned against the wall resting one foot over the other while crossing his arms at his chest. Her high blonde ponytail fell forward as she fumbled with a periwinkle colored halter top dress. His mouth watered watching her in a strapless white bra with matching string bikini panties. Then she turned around.


Aaron raced to place his hand over her mouth before she alerted the whole store.

Shhh,” he said, removing his hand.

“You,” she whispered, poking him in the chest.

“Why have you been hiding from me? I know you been watching me, I could feel you. Are you like a pervert, getting off on stalking me?” She poked him again.

Well, he certainly had that coming, didn’t he?

“No, I was doing research.”

“Research!” she whispered loudly. “Oh really, how do you like your findings or do you need to do more reeeesearch?”

“Listen to me, Annabelle—”

She gasped. “You know my name?”

“Yes, now let me finish.”

“But how?”

Aaron sighed. “You know I’ve been watching you. You can feel me like I can feel you. I also can hear things. Now I’m only here to tell you this, me and you,” he pointed to himself, then her, “will not work out. You need to move on, find someone else.”

“But you’re my soul-mate, asshole. I’m supposed to move on with you!”

“Well, I’m sorry, princess, but it’s not going to happen. Now leave me alone and stop looking for me.”

“What the fuck? Are you kidding me?” she asked whispering loudly again.

Aaron hid a smile, hearing her curse. He liked her fire. She wasn’t afraid to say what she thought. She was feisty, perfect, his. What? No, not yours! You’re here to tell her to leave you alone.

Annabelle slapped him across the face. “You jerk! Why did you come here? Why didn’t you just leave? Why didn’t you run far away?” He almost smirked thinking he saw steam coming out of her ears.

He couldn’t answer and frankly he didn’t know why he stayed either. He did know the sight of a fired up Annabelle made his black jeans very uncomfortable.

She poked him with her index finger until his back was flush against the wall. “You don’t know, do you? I know though. You. Are. My. Soul-mate. You jackass!”

Annabelle pressed up against him breathing heavily. Her hands balled in fists against his chest.

“Don’t poke me again.”

“What are you going to do about?”

The hell if he knew.

One of the employees interrupted them. “Are you okay, miss? Your sister said to check on you while they are still getting their dresses fitted to be altered.”

Annabelle kept a pleasant tone, never looking away from him. “I’m fine.”

“Okay then, miss, just yell if you need me. I will be outside putting some dresses away.”

Annabelle backed away from him. If Aaron was uncomfortable before, now, his dick screamed in pain. He knew she felt him, she practically wore nothing anyway.

“I like the pink one,” he said as he left. He winked, passing the woman who interrupted them. “She’s all yours.” The woman’s face reddened.

Annabelle stuck her head out of the dressing room to yell to him. “This isn’t over. I will find you and you better believe we are working this out.”

He laughed. “I have no doubt, princess. But, I warn you, you’ll be the one who gets hurt.”

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Lauren lives on the East Coast. She has been fascinated by magic and all things paranormal since a very young age. Now she spends her time creating her own fantasies.

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Other Books: 

A Siren’s Revenge:

In the asirensrevengelate 1880’s, Grace’s sixteenth birthday was the most traumatic night of her life. Her mother had revealed a dark secret that ultimately killed her and everyone in her town. Only Grace and her two friends escaped the same fate. The secret, she was a siren. The murderer was her father.

Grace vowed to avenge all who died that horrible night. But before she killed her father she discovered he’d bore another child, a son. A son, who grew up to be an almost unstoppable sorcerer and would continue the cycle of revenge for his father.

 (This was an absolute gem)

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 A Vampire for Halloween

avampireforhalloween Alexis is obsessed with Halloween. With her house decked out to the nines no one could possibly disagree. Ghosts and vampires sway against her walls while a scarecrow guards her front yard. Alexis, however has no one to guard her subconscious and is pleasurably invaded by a dark, sexy and mysterious man night after night.

Luke Ellis is a 472 year old vampire who is madly in love with Alexis. He invades her dreams, knowing it’s the only way he can be with her, until he gets the brilliant idea to invite her to his annual Halloween party.

Alexis has heard rumors about the wild parties held at the Ellis mansion and couldn’t wait to attend. What she doesn’t know is her mysterious man is also there… waiting. Will she have a real life encounter with her fantasy man or will her dreams turn into a nightmare?

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Demon Protector

demonprotector Scarlet was a normal woman until her world turned upside down. After her dream man rescued her, from a camping experience gone horribly wrong, she soon learned he was more than human. Bo explained that she was not entirely human herself and that an evil demon leader wanted her dead.

Bo a demon ex- soldier, who once fought for the evil leader Ryu, had been tasked with protecting Scarlet. After a few days of watching her, he instantly became fascinated, intrigued, and captivated. Bo wanted her, but he wanted to destroy his former leader more.

Scarlet was a witch and entered into the battle of her life. She’d fallen in love with the demon sent to protect her. But when his true intentions were revealed, she could feel nothing but betrayal. It was only after the destruction of Ryu that she could concentrate on her true feelings for her demon protector.

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Hotel Sinn 

hotelsinnHotel Sinn. She attended in hopes of reuniting with the dangerously sexy man who’d invited her. However, Anastasia would soon find out that having a one night stand would turn into something permanent in more ways then one.

Victore, a vampire, was sent out by the master to complete a task for the one hundred years ritual. But when he set eyes upon Anastasia, she had intrigued him and he was unable to resist temptation. After a night of pleasure Victore hid Anastasia in his suite only to be betrayed by a fellow vampire.

Now Victore and Anastasia are trapped, in an inescapable place, where anything can happen.

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Finally retired after more than 30 years as a teacher! Now, I get to spend my time gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, and writing. I finally completed the number one item in my bucket list and Crimson Romance published my first novel, Fire Angel, in April 2013. Since then I have published 24 manuscripts to date and don't plan to quit writing for a long time yet.

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