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It’s Release Day for Book 3 of Entangled Interaction

Every once in a while a series of books come out that are just that–a series meant to be read in order. It happens quite often that series books are simply set in the same local or have the same characters like television shows–think Castle, Criminal Minds, NCIS–but at other times series books more closely resemble soaps or programs like Dallas and Dynasty for those around my age, although Dallas has made a comeback. For those programs, missing an episode left you feeling like a fish out of water. Same with LOST–miss two shows and you were indeed lost.

In many ways, Entangled Interaction is a lot like that. It’s release day for Entangled Interaction (Human Interaction book 3)! But remember, these books need to be read in order or the reader will be lost. They are sequels, not stand alone books in the series.

EntangledInteraction_LRGAbout Entangled Interaction
Join Meat, Shy, Ducky, Cannibal and the rest of the gang in another fun-filled, laugh-out-loud story!
Shy’s stalled relationship with Meat, her alpha liger shape-shifter boyfriend, seems defunct, her teleportation abilities appear more miss than hit, and her twin boys are clamoring for a father. If her life wasn’t complicated enough, her boss throws in his bid as a potential date, she’s kidnapped by a snow monster while visiting the clothing-optional Yeti resort, and finds herself leading a rescue mission to save her former boyfriend’s sister from an overly determined wolf shape-shifter.
To top matters off, a shaman drops a bombshell on her world by informing her of a new magical talent she didn’t realize she had. She grapples with the life-altering decision until disaster strikes.
Will love win out over the vast species differences between Shy and Meat? Can she make the right decision and save not only their relationship, but his life as well?
Available from:
So, where you should you start reading?
Human InteractionBook 1, of course!
About Human Interaction 
Shyanne, a widow with twin sons, is forced back into the realm of vampires, humans, and shifters when a college research project lands her in an exotic dancing club where she discovers a sexy shifter called Meat who sparks her interest in dating once more. Shy juggles motherhood, taking college classes, dealing with her eccentric adoptive family, and work. She finds herself battling for Meat’s attention with a cover model shifter, while trying not to think about Meat’s nun fetish, and her hit and miss—emphasis on the miss—teleportation abilities. Can they work out their differences and love one another for who they are? Or will they discover that humans and shifters really don’t mix, especially when life’s monkey wrenches keep getting in the way?
And once that’s done, move on to Book 2:
coverAbout Species Interaction
Shyanne McDaniel, a young widow and mother of two small boys, loses her heart to Meat, an exotic dancer and alpha liger shifter, but dating another species proves a challenge.

While trying to figure out how to deal with an alpha shifter that likes the word “obey” way too much for her liking, Shy juggles raising her twin sons, taking local college classes, dealing with an adoptive family that leans heavily toward odd, and her job. She finds herself working for a man called Cannibal and battling for Meat’s attention from a cover model shifter, all the while trying not to think too much about her gift prize threesome fantasy weekend, Meat’s nun fetish, and her penchant for finding trouble.

Finding love again is never easy, and doing so with an alpha shifter only makes for more challenges. Can they work out their differences and love one another for who they are?

Buy Link:  Species Interaction

And that’s how you stay on top of unusual interactions!



Finally retired after more than 30 years as a teacher! Now, I get to spend my time gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, and writing. I finally completed the number one item in my bucket list and Crimson Romance published my first novel, Fire Angel, in April 2013. Since then I have published 24 manuscripts to date and don't plan to quit writing for a long time yet.

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