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Summer Camping Is Over for 2014! I’m Back!

This years’ camping trip is over and despite Mother Nature PMS-ing on us, we had a great time. We were there Nico and Elenifor 10 days, and although it rained off and on for 4 of them, it didn’t really ruin our fun. I have lots of material for stories incluGeorgiading these delightful pictures taken at the water behind our campsite on one of the nicer days.

Eleni, Nico, and Georgia searched for  shells and each managed to collect a full bucGrandpa and Tonioket of vacated clam shells. It was nice to sit on the shore and watch them enjoying the sun. Tonio and Grandpa found a log to share.

This year, we were blessed with pockets of peace, a time to sit and relax, not found in previous years when the kidlets were younger. The kids had their bikes, and since all the roads in the campground are paved, they’re excellent places for biking–only one fall, Georgia, who showed the importance of wearing a helmet. Thank God for antiseptic cream and band-aids. 

When they weren’t swimming, the kids kept busy doing crafts such as painting miniature bird houses. On a rainy Tuesday, we went into Canton to see a movie: Transformers, of course, and I enjoyed it. 

Jul16155Unfortunately, Mother nature couldn’t decide on which season we were in. Evenings were cool, nights, cold–ideal for sleeping–but it just seemed wrong to see your breath while you were sitting around the campfire. It didn’t bother the kids one bit. Dressed in warm pajamas, they enjoyed poking the fire–each with his/her own poker. Angie had fireside treats for them each night–smores, giant marshmallows, banana boats and spider wieners. We played games and sang songs–Georgia did a great job directing us all in “Down By The Bay”. We played Twenty Questions and Charades and had a great time.

Now, I need a holiday! Whoever said family camping was fun, has to be someone who’s never gone camping with four kids, but I wouldn’t miss a second of it. I’m already looking forward to next year–Now, if I could just sell enough books to buy and RV…





Finally retired after more than 30 years as a teacher! Now, I get to spend my time gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, and writing. I finally completed the number one item in my bucket list and Crimson Romance published my first novel, Fire Angel, in April 2013. Since then I have published 24 manuscripts to date and don't plan to quit writing for a long time yet.

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