What Would I Do Without A Friend Like Anca?

Have you ever wanted to do something so badly that it consumed you? That’s how I felt about publishing my historical romances. I needed to self-publish one because the publisher closed shot without so much as a by-your leave, taking royalties and in some cases almost ruining careers in the process.


When it came to self-publishing I figured it out quickly until I got to the cover. Let’s make this perfectly clear. I am a moron when it comes to anything remotely connected to creating art on a computer. Thanks to my wonderful son, Greg, I have an awesome website. http://www.mhsusannematthews.ca/


I was pulling out my hair when the lovely and talented Anca, from Classy Designs came to my rescue. She designed beautiful covers for both the e-book and the paperback.

When I sold my second historical to Solstice Publishing, I was given the opportunity to provide my own cover. Anca surpassed herself.


I now have two of the nicest covers out there. She’s promised to create other covers for me in the future. I can hardly wait. So, as I said before, thank goodness for good friends.



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