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Look Who Dropped By Today: Samantha Gray

Image My guest today is the lovely and talented Samantha Gray, author of Unveiling You, to be released April 10, 2014. Congratulations, Samantha! In honor of her release, Samantha is giving you the opportunity to win a gift card. You’ll find the link at the end of this blog.  

About the Book:

The price of secrets can be too high…

 Amy is starting the internship of her life for a prestigious antiques dealer. She knew it would look good on a resume, but a surprise trip to Paris and an assistant who is determined to keep her around make her want more. She could make this into a permanent job.

 If it weren’t for Caleb. He’s returned to his grandfather’s for a new job, even though he doesn’t need the money after selling his company. She’s up to the competition to prove herself, but soon it’s hard to ignore the sizzling tension between them. Neither are willing to give in if it means losing the chance at the job, but their attraction may be too strong. They risk everything if they’re found out — and Amy has been keeping secrets since she arrived, ones that could separate them forever.

Excerpt From Unveiling You:

“Well, that’s another thing we have in common,” Caleb said. “We’re a couple of orphans.”

 I winced. “I hate that word.”

 “I know. Me, too.”

 It was silent for a moment. I couldn’t believe his parents were dead, too. “When did they die?”

“My mom died when I was fourteen, my dad when I was sixteen.”

 I wanted to say I was sorry, but I knew from personal experience how empty the word could sound, even from someone who was genuine. “That’s terrible. Do you mind me asking what happened?”

 “My mom got brain cancer. My dad had heart disease all his life and he was old, so two years later.” He shrugged. His gaze was on the window, but he glanced at me to ask, “Yours?”

 “My mom had a really weak immune system because she was on all these meds for fibromyalgia, and she got pneumonia. My dad got it, too.”

 He raised his eyebrows. “So, they died from pneumonia?”

 “Yeah. My mom was in the hospital for weeks, we kind of knew it was going to happen. But my dad. . .that was a shock.” Of course, all of it was a shock for a ten-year-old, but I had been expecting to at least have one of them, not to lose both of them in the course of a week.

“You were ten?”

 I nodded.


 “I don’t know whether I was lucky because it didn’t hurt as much as it might have if I were older. . .or if I got screwed over because I couldn’t have more time with them.”

Caleb studied me, his gaze serious. “Sounds like both to me.”

 I chuckled. “Yeah.”

 It was silent for a moment, and I was surprised at how non-awkward the silence was. I didn’t feel like he was pitying me or searching for what to say, and I didn’t pity him, either. We had both lost our parents and done our best to live on despite that.

 “So, what’d you do after they died?” I asked him.

 “I moved here with my grandparents. Barely graduated.”

 “How’d you get into Princeton?”

 “My SAT scores and a dozen family members in the alumni.”

“Wow.” I just shook my head.

“I know, life of a rich kid.” He smiled ruefully.

At least he knew he’d had a privileged life. Some kids as OSU thought their life was so difficult because their parents wouldn’t pay when they wrecked their Audis. My freshman roommate had been one of those girls, and I couldn’t stand her. She was clueless.

“At least now the money I’m living on is mine. I earned it.”

I smiled. That was pretty cool. He’d started a website, a company, at such a young age. He’d really done something, instead of coasting through some college. Even now, when he could be blowing his fortune, he was competing for a job at his grandfather’s business instead.

 “Yah, that’s cool. I respect you way more than I did my rich college roommate.”

 Caleb smiled, looking surprised, but pleased. “What was she like?”

“Total snob. Complained about everything. Plus she was always trying to get me to go her homework.”

 “Was she pretty dumb?”

I laughed. “Yes, but only because she refused to do any work. Luckily, we were only in one class together because most of my classes were ahead of hers. And she was majoring in Business Administration.”

“Oh, god, one of those girls — no idea that I want to do with my life, might as well major in Business.”


 There’s a reason I didn’t make it through my first year.”

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Finally retired after more than 30 years as a teacher! Now, I get to spend my time gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, and writing. I finally completed the number one item in my bucket list and Crimson Romance published my first novel, Fire Angel, in April 2013. Since then I have published 24 manuscripts to date and don't plan to quit writing for a long time yet.

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