Gorgeous Georgia

Day 7 of the   A to Z Blog Challenge and here comes the letter G. I had a hard time deciding what to write about today. I thought Imagemaybe the post should be on Getting Things Done, but I procrastinated so long about it, I didn’t know where to start. Instead, I decided I’d post about Georgia, my inspiration for the heroine in Holiday Magic, Book One Second Chance. 

Holiday Magic tells the story of reunited lovers. Gentle Georgia, the eldest twin, had her heart broken just weeks before her dream wedding, based on the Disney theme Beauty and the Beast, was supposed to take place. Devastated, like a wounded animal, she ran away and hid to lick her wounds. The brave, strong, “I can fix anything girl” was gone replaced by a timid, broken woman who lost all confidence in herself.

How did it happen? I almost started the book three years in the past, but Holiday Magic, by virtue of its name was designed to be a Christmas book, and there was a definite word count maximum, so much of the reason why things fell apart got left behind. I have two granddaughters, Eleni and Georgia and their names and temperaments were the inspiration for the characters. Only six and seven years old, they aren’t adults, but I can see the seeds of of the women they’ll become in them. While my granddaughters aren’t twins, I thought I’d like to add that aspect to the story to make the sisterly bond stronImageger.

A couple of days ago, my E post was about Eleni. She does march to her own drummer. Georgia, while actually the younger  one of the two is the more sociable and responsible one. That being said, she’s also incredibly stubborn, and when she believes she’s been wronged, look out! Baby does not back down. When she cries, she’s in it heart and soul. Her wails would make a banshee run away. Where Eleni is fair like her mother, Georgia is darker like her father. The girls are like night and day. Georgia tends to weigh her options before doing something, but once she does it, she won’t back down. She will protect her sister and brothers to the best of her ability, and if she feels she’s wronged. look out.  If she’s made a mistake, she won’t admit it, but will simply dig the hole she’d put herself in deeper.  A couple of years ago, it was her turn to be the class leader and that involved turning off the classroom lights. A little boy turned the lights off when it was her turn. Furious, Georgia bit him–yeah she has a good set of choppers. She quickly left the room and went to the office to get ice for the boy’s bite. To the last, she didn’t understand why she was in trouble–he took her turn. Yes, she bit him, but she got him ice, and he didn’t get in trouble. It wasn’t fair. It was those character traits I used to create my heroine. 

Three years earlier in the story, Georgia was the friendly, fun-loving twin who fell in love with Mark in the Glee Club’s presentation of Beauty and the Beast. he was the Beast, she was Belle. Happy beyond anything, Georgia refused to listen to Eleni’s words of caution and trusting everyone was honest and above board, she went to bring a sick friend comfort and found Mark, her fiance, the man she loved body and soul, naked in bed with a woman she thought was her friend. Devastated, she refused to listen to explanations and ran away from everything–Mark, their wedding, her home, Philidelphia–everything that mattered to her including her twin. Three years later, feeling far from whole, but healed enough to return, she decides to go back home and try to pick up the pieces of the life she left behind–sans Mark. When Eleni leaps before she looks and needs immediate help, Georgia steps up to the plate to assist her beloved sister, never realizing that fate is going to place her and Mark together once more. 

Excerpt from Holiday Magic

Georgia was so angry with Eleni that she could spit nails as they said. How could she have been so stupid as to sign that contract without reading the fine print?  She had warned her to do so, but it was so like her twin to ignore advice that would be common sense to anyone else.

To discover that it was year-end time, and Mark would be underfoot every day was a low blow, but finding out that she had to be his escort at the Christmas Eve Snow Ball? Well, she was still reeling from that!  

Eleni was trying her best to placate her, but she was way beyond calming now. She had not been this furious in years.

“Georgia, I told you that the Ball was one of my all-inclusive gigs, so don’t get bent out of shape about it; Mark would have been there anyway. The organizing committee insisted on it; I told you before, he’s my partner, and the people who are paying the shot want him there. They’re quite annoyed with me that I can’t attend, but they’ve agreed to let you stand in my stead; there is no way that Mark can give them the slip too. Look, you’ll probably be so busy hobnobbing with the elite; you’ll hardly spend any time with him. I’m sure some of your old friends will be there. It’ll be a great opportunity to reconnect now that you’ve decided to move back and join the living, and you can push your jewelry too. Who knows? If the Governor’s wife likes it, she might want some, and you could have a whole new client base in Washington.”

Georgia shook her head. “Forget it! As Grandma used to say, ‘Whitewashing the pump won’t make the water clean.’ If you’d told me about all this, I would never have agreed to help you out; I’m sure that’s why you’re springing this crap on me now. You knew I wouldn’t come if you’d been honest about it. I find it hard to believe that you just conveniently forgot to mention this. Seriously, you expect me to be his date for the night? That night of all nights? I’m sorry, Eleni, but you are out of your cotton-picking mind!” Her voice had risen attracting the attention of some of the diners, so she lowered it immediately.

Eleni’s lower lip started to tremble, and Georgia knew that the waterworks were next. It wasn’t fair; her sister could read her like a book – a first grade primer, at that!

“Eleni Jean Baxter, don’t you dare cry!” she hissed. Maybe it’s good that I’m angry, she thought, at least when I’m angry I’m not feeling sorry for myself!

 “Nobody gives you more trouble than you do yourself, honey, but you just don’t think things through. You’ve created this mess, and you really didn’t think about the way it would affect others; you have to stop jumping in with both feet before you test the water. One of these days, you’re going to get hurt. This will be hard for Mark – well maybe not hard, but uncomfortable at best.”

Eleni giggled; Georgia realized what she had said, and the double meaning that could be attached to it.

“Seriously? You’ve got your mind in the gutter now? Oh! You know what I mean!”

Disgusted with herself, Georgia couldn’t stop the blush that suffused her cheeks as her imagination brought that image of him vividly to mind. Heat spread through her body. The one thing they had always had was chemistry, lots and lots of reactive chemistry.

“Mark and I haven’t spoken since that morning; seeing him again will be very difficult for me, and now you tell me that I’ll have to see him almost every day? Leni, that’s not playing fair.” She pushed her hair behind her ears and reached for her wine glass.  

“It still hurts to remember what we had; I don’t know about him, but I wish it had never happened – that we had never met.” She took a sip of her wine, and Eleni had the common sense to stay quiet.




Author: mhsusannematthews

Finally retired after more than 30 years as a teacher! Now, I get to spend my time gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, and writing. I finally completed the number one item in my bucket list and Crimson Romance published my first novel, Fire Angel, in April 2013. Since then I have sold 24 other manuscripts to date and don't plan to quit writing for a long time yet.

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