Look Who Dropped By Today: Evie Knight

Happy Book Birthday! Reading is something everyone enjoys. It’s a chance to let our imaginations soar. Evie Knight’s book does just that. So, if you like things hot while you read, pick up your copy today. Be Warned: anal sex, sex toys


ImageGerard’s Quest by Evie Knight

In Bed with the Enemy, 2

About the Book: 

Gérard Laurent has spent the past five years searching for a lost family heirloom. He’s tired of all the clues leading him nowhere and just when he fears he’s run out of leads his lover’s archenemy presents him with a lead he can’t turn down.

Brokenhearted by his actions, Julianne is determined to make his life miserable any way she can. Revenge is bittersweet but she succeeds until the tables are turned. Gérard steals a kiss reawakening her feelings for him, only he still won’t apologize.

Julianne is ready to forget Gérard when a notorious art thief offers her a painting she fancies in exchange for Gérard’s amulet. It’ll be the ultimate payback if she accepts it.

Will love conquer all?


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Excerpt from Gerard’s Quest:

No woman provoked him the way Julianne did. First she outbid Philipe, his dealer, and purchased the amulet Gérard sought. Then, she sold it to him, failing to disclose it was one of the imitations and not the authentic one he needed. Did she really think refunding him would solve the matter? She took a step toward the elevator but he tightened his hold on her, forcing her to remain where she stood.

Fury burned him inside out and the vein in his neck pulsed. “You’d do well in briefing your lawyer.” His voice hardened. “Because if you don’t stay the hell out of my way at auctions I won’t hesitate to sue your ass.”

He wrapped his arm around her waist, crushing her body to his, then closed his mouth on hers, punishing her with his kiss.

“Stop this,” Julianne said, not fighting him.

Gérard slid his hand up her back until he reached her neck. He lifted her off her feet by a few inches, and backed her to the wall. “Do you really want me to stop?” he asked, brushing his lips against hers as he spoke.


“Do you want me to stop?” He had no intention of stopping, just quite the opposite.

“N-No,” she whispered.

“You must stop pursuing the same items I want, Jules.” Gérard held her face, and he covered her mouth with his once more. Her lips were soft and warm, waking up every cell in his body. “Do you understand?” He dragged his hands down her front then cupped her breasts, his thumbs rubbing her nipples until the tips poked through her dress’s fabric.

Gérard broke the kiss and brushed his lips along her jaw. “Don’t defy me because you will lose.” He made his way to her earlobe. “It’s a promise,” he whispered. She’d go on a date with another man but he’d ensure she only thought of him, of his words.

“Do you miss me?” he asked, grazing her earlobe with his teeth.


“Do you miss us, Jules?” His thumb and forefinger squeezed her nipple.

“Y-yes,” she said.

Gérard captured her mouth, his tongue breaking through the barrier of her lips, taking what belonged to him, demanding her surrender, and reminding her she would always be his.



Author: mhsusannematthews

Finally retired after more than 30 years as a teacher! Now, I get to spend my time gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, and writing. I finally completed the number one item in my bucket list and Crimson Romance published my first novel, Fire Angel, in April 2013. Since then I have sold 24 other manuscripts to date and don't plan to quit writing for a long time yet.

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