Imagine That! Digital Copies Can Be Signed!

I’ve learned the most amazing thing today. It’s possible to have e-books autographed! I had no idea that such a thing could be done, but now that I know, I’ve registered FIRE ANGEL at where you can request an authorgraph. Will wonders never cease? Not sure how it works or how much this service costs, but it’s certainly interesting to know it can be done.

This week, I’ve also sold my fourth book, the second installment in the HOLIDAY MAGIC series I have with Front Porch Romance. The first book is a story of star-crossed lovers who get a second chance at love. THE PERFECT CHOICE, the second book, is a story of a willingness to risk it all for love. Both novellas will be released in November. The main characters, a set of twins named Georgia and Eleni were named after my lovely granddaughters.

Madison Belle Connors, the publisher of Front Porch Romance, will be hosting internet radio programs, so watch for news about when I’m on talking about my books. As soon as I have the permalinks, I’ll post them so you can get to know the author family at Front Porch.

What’s next for me? Well, I’m busily at work on the book I’m co-writing with Misty, a woman from Newfoundland. She creates the plot, and I spin the details. We hope to have Alana and Connor’s Christmas romance ready to submit before the end of May. At the moment, we plan to write under the pseudonym of Misty Matthews, and I’m excited about this joint venture. Who knows where it may lead? As for my own writing,, I wonder where the muse will take me next?


Five Star Review and Third Book Sold Thanks to Camp!

Back in March, I told you all that I was going to Camp NaNoWriMo for the month of April and I did! The object of the camp was to complete a novel in thirty days — I finished mine in 21, and then spent a week on final edits. Since I edit as I write, the final editing process before submission isn’t too bad, and I submitted the book to my publisher on the day my other book, FIRE ANGEL was released. I just got the confirmation today. IN PLAIN SIGHT, my nano camp book has been sold to Crimson Romance. I’m as excited as I was the first time.

There are as many different ways of writing, as there are writers, and while I start off as a pantser, literally writing by the seat of my pants without a definite plan in mind, I quickly become a slave to my internal editor, and I’ve found that works well for me. Each morning when I sit at the computer for the day’s writing session, I go back to the previous day’s work, re-read it, and edit it accordingly. Microsoft Sam, my text -to-voice program, and I spend many hours together, but I love it. My husband says  it’s disconcerting to hear a man’s voice coming from my office, but he’s gotten used to it.

My greatest fear when I sold FIRE ANGEL was that no one would like it. My reviewers all thought it was good, but it wasn’t until I got a five star review from a stranger that I let myself believe it. I know that not everyone will love FIRE ANGEL, HOLIDAY MAGIC, and IN PLAIN SIGHT because reading is subjective, but I’m thrilled to know that my writing will brighten up someone life.

I’m proud to say that I’m a published author. Thank you Crimson Romance and Front Porch Romance for helping me achieve my dreams.