Lack of Respect and Common Sense

I’ve stewed about this for a couple of days, and I’ve decided that I am as annoyed now as I was when it happened. Friday, we went to Kingston for the Scotties — that’s the Canadian Women’s Curling Championship. The K-Rock Center is an incredible arena — really well designed and an ideal venue for all kinds of events. I was in the downstairs concourse area when the National Anthem started to play for the afternoon draw. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stood still. No one spoke or moved; it was impressive.

Everyone that is except an arena employee, a security person who must have been a student at Queen’s or St. Lawrence College. He sat on a chair at the bottom of the steps reading a book. He did not stand; he did not stop reading; in fact, he did nothing to acknowledge what was happening, and that is what has my knickers in a knot! I don’t care how important his book was or how many times he had heard the anthem; he should have stood and acknowledged it out of respect for our country and those who were there. I found his behavior not only rude, but offensive.

When the anthem was over, I walked by and asked if he was reading a good book, then commented on his disrespect, and walked away. I’m sure he thought I was a b****, but I don’t care. Perhaps the next time the anthem plays, he might remember that people see what he does and does not do. He’s lucky that I am not his employer, because I would have fired him on the spot!


Stay a While

A few years ago, I suffered a serious illness during which i came quite close to dying. When I was home and out of danger, I wrote the following poem:

I wasn’t expecting him, but Death
Came calling all the same, with his
Bags of agony and pain. He wanted
To take me, but it was Christmas!
“No time to die,” said I. “Let me
Stay yet a while.” He shook
His head as if to say no, but I
Stopped him. “I can’t go yet,” I
Said, I have unfinished things to
Do. Please, let me stay a while.”
He smiled. “It’s not up to me,” said
He. “Your time is up, so sorry.”
“That cannot be,” I moaned in agony.
I haven’t seen the world outside;
I haven’t crossed the ocean wide;
I need to see my Hannah smile. Oh,
Please let me stay for just a little
While. And I heard a laugh come from
Above and the one who is Love said
“Why don’t we wait and see? Today’s
My birthday after all; no one will
Mind if I decide to stall.” So, I
Thanked him graciously. Today,
Death slowly walked away without me.

Judging Isn’t Easy

Well, last month, I took second place in the Harlequin Writing Challenge for a short story called FATED. That means this time, I get to be one of the judges. Peer appreciation is a great feeling, but as they say with great power comes great responsibility. So, as a judge, it’s my turn to pick the best of the best — and make no mistake, that’s what they are. Why don’t you judge for yourself?

This challenges stories  for this round are on pages 12 and 13! Enjoy!  If you’re curious, you’ll find FATED on page 9!

Getting to Know Social Media

This week’s news of my book sale has presented me with the challenge of getting to know and understand social media. Suddenly, I’ve gone from knowing nothing and using very little of the social media tools I did have, to having a blog and getting a website organized. While I prepare for Fire Angel’s release on April 29, 2013, I have to learn to use and maintain all this new technology. Everything in my life seems to have jumped to light speed! This is a steep learning curve that presents its own plethora of challenges. Am I up to the task? I certainly hope so!